No-Rules Rules for New Shooters - Please Read...

I used this photo of teachers working outside our elementary school on teacher's work day, because teachers "teach", and this is the place to learn about our weekly shoot outs.


WHY this blog for a blog? I get emails about how to join our town shoot out. People also want to know the rules, and I get other questions which points to a little confusion about who, what, when, and where. Also, those who participant, sometimes don't know where to find the weekly assignments without having to run around and play catch up after a busy few days or week. We have all been there. So I thought I would set up this blog to give you important information about the shoot out.

I will not post anything on this blog except information and links to everyone who participates in our weekly shoot outs. If you bookmark this site you can just run over and see what's doing whenever you want.

We have some bloggers who have come and gone. I will keep a running list of those who are active only, meaning if they don’t post for some time they will be dropped from the list. Some people have posted once or twice, and don't come back. I will try to keep the list current.

We all have things that come up, and with summer here we get busy, and then there are vacations. We know who the true-blue shoot out members are, so they don't have to worry. We know they will be back. So if you go to some one's blog who is a listed participant, and do not find their Friday shoot out, please take time to enjoy their blog, leave a post, and go back the next week.

THE rules: Simply put, we don't have any rules, except that we ask that you keep it clean. We improvise. We play. We have fun. And everyone's interpretations of the assignments are different. That is what makes it interesting. Just remember it is about showing off your town.

ASSIGNMENTS: At first, there was only Reggie Girl and me (story later). I picked an assignment one week, and then Reggie Girl picked one the next week. Other people soon joined in on our shoot outs (Barry was one of the first - talk about true-blue!). We eventually decided to let others join in on picking assignments. It was only fair. Once it got confusing, we started putting participant's names in a hat or bowl, or whatever we had handy. I pick a name one week and Reggie Girl picks a name the next week. This is the place to find out if you are next in line!

Once the hat or bowl is empty, we start over again.

Oh, I have to backtrack on my "no rules" rule. We do have two important, but simple rules. When choosing an assignment, remember to keep it generic. For instance, I live on the bay, but I can't hand out an assignment for boaters and boats because everyone does not live near the water. Someone mentioned bridges once. A great idea, but a lot of small towns don’t have bridges. When your name is pulled from the hat, just think of things that everyone has in their towns or cities.

The second rule: Please label post, "Friday My Town Shoot Out" or Friday Town Shoot Out - Gardens (or whatever our assignment is for the week). We are all busy, and our list of shooters is growing. We sometimes can't visit everyone on the same day. It helps to be able to go back and quickly find our shooters by looking for the title. I like to take my time looking at what everyone has, and sometimes it takes a few days to get to everyone. I think that is only fair, because it takes a lot of time to shoot an assignment, and if people expend a lot of effort, I feel I should not rush through their blogs. I may leave a shot post, but believe me, I look at, and study all the photos, because as a photographer, I am fascinated by photos.

How many photos should I post? One, two, twenty - it doesn't matter. Sometimes we don't have time to run around and shoot a bunch of photos. Sometimes we do. Some people like to do videos and slide shows. Don't feel pressured. This is not about competition. It is about participation. So if all you can squeeze in is one photo, go for it. It also keeps you on our blog roll.

Also, some people get intimidated when they see professional photos. We have both amateurs and professional shooters. Please don't be intimidated. Some of my favored photos have been a little blurred or not properly composed from a professional's point of view. I was looking at a recent photo that was taken by an amateur (I won't say who it was) but it was a wonderful photo. A little blurred, not well composed, but he/she told the story in one photo, and I loved it. Unless you are shooting for National Geographic, as long as you get that story in the photo, you have done well. Some AP photographers (I used to work for AP) have taken some out of focus photos that made the news, simple because they turned around and saw something, and had no time to make adjustments. They got the story with one click, though. Everyone likes to see what is on the other side of the fence, so shoot like a child and enjoy, BTW: Children take some great photos because they are not afraid to make mistakes.

WHAT made you start the shoot outs and how is it growing? I met Reggie Girl on a Georgia blog (I am from Georgia) and we started the town shoot out last winter. It was a little fun game we had between ourselves, showing off our towns and playing with our cameras.

Barry joined in, and then Loida (Loida has been moving from China to Ontario for the past several weeks - she will be back), and J9, Jen, and Butler and Bagman, Missy, and before we knew it we had ourselves a gang of shooters wanting to show off their towns and cities, not to mention their photography skills.

What makes the shoot out unique? People who love where they live enjoy showing off what their cities and towns have to offer. What better way to do it than to introduce the world to your little corner of the world? I love being able to visit Alaska one moment and the Philippines the next, all with the click of a mouse.

People who view your town photos will get to see your town through your eyes. Much better than a glossy brochure that has pretty photos but no "home town" feel to it. It also gives people an idea of things to see and do if they visit your town. Locals know all the best restaurants and cool places off the beaten trails. And of course, it gives you vacation ideas. And what better way to travel around the world without spending a dime?

Those who don't like where they live might even think about moving to your part of the world.

Plus, we just know that Oprah is going to discover us. We are talking "big party." Right, Reggie Girl?

And you also get to join a gang!

If anyone has any questions, shoot an email to one of our team members.


  1. Great Idea!! I know I only hopped on board one time, but I'm going to really try to be more consistent. By NEXT week. I think the theme this week is how you get around your town (transportation), and this one is a toughie where I live. :-(

    But I really like your idea of a separate blog with links and rules, etc. :)

  2. Thanks Oz Girl. I am going to spruce this up a bit. I am also going to make a banner with photos from different towns. This was just a sample. I will be changing the banners from time to time.

    The main thing is to have everything in one place. I get a lot of, "Who, what, when, where, and how?" questions.

    Once I put a link on my main page, people can jump here and jump in.

  3. I'll join tomorrow (Friday. This is cool. I actually discovered Friday- My Town SHoot out through Halfcrazygurl, my fellow. She encouraged me to join but I was kinda busy at work last month. Too bad, she is in hiatus at the moment but I am pretty sure she will be back here.

  4. Yea, I feel so lucky to be a memeber of such a fun gang. Everyone is so loving and understanding and supportive of each other. It's just plain fun. Sunshine and smiles!

  5. REDLAN: We sure miss HalfCrazy. Tell her to hurry back. Thanks for joining us. We love new people!

    Gigi: We are a fun gang!

  6. Patty and Friends, I would like to suggest that you gonna post the next assignment on the sidebar so that we can prepare early for next week. It would easy to see also. I will post my entry later this afternoon. I love to see and read yours Patty.

  7. It's us again...knock knock...oh, damn, if she says "who's there" then we'll have to think of an old knock knock joke...too early...why did I start this...

  8. Great idea here, I really like it!
    It has been so much fun joining the gang. Looking forward to next weeks shoot out. I love water!

  9. Hey, after all these weeks, I finally found there is a guidebook. Neat. Bookmarked it. If I come by and read the directions from time to time, will it ruin my self image as a free-wheeling, noncompliant, nonconformist curmudgeon? This is as bad as middle school or the Navy, for Pete's sake.

  10. Oh I love this. Certainly the gang is large enough to warrant something "official". And what a great Header!

    I'm definitely putting the link to this page on my blog!

  11. I promise I will add links and clean this up before the weekend. So much to do; so little time.

    I have my fingers crossed. But I will try.

  12. okay, we likes.

    we wants.

    just one question:
    ?do you accept once in a while participation?

    we know for a fact that we won't be consistent {how's THAT for honesty} week to week;
    we CAN commit to occasional participation, consistently, over the lang haul. ;-)


  13. bare-eYedsUN: Yes, we dos and yes, you cans.

  14. I would like to join this week, although Barry and I have been known to SHARE photos so you may see some on my blog that fits the theme that Barry has used previously. Barry and I do not keep track of who "officially" took the original pic, it's a blur...but hey, it will be fun.

  15. Oh I'm in - how fun is this!! Thanks for letting me join in the fun - whoo hoo!! So glad I found you through Audrey - whom - yes I adore too!!Sarah

  16. I'd like to join too. Please add me to the list.

  17. Patty,

    Chele-Central Florida-

  18. Just found you guys. Would love to join.

    Grace - Minnesota

  19. I love the idea and would love to join!

    Is all I have to do is put my name/blog here?

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Interesting! I love to photograph and have been looking for a blog feature I can post about my "home town". This sounds perfect and I was wondering how exactly does on join and get onto "the list". wasn't sure where to email? Can I be added to the list? thanks, Denise from Maine -

  22. Yep, that is my goal, to get on Oprah. It is a running joke at my house.

  23. I notice lots of friends are already here like Cynthia, Jen, Heather, Shabby Girl - Looking forward to taking part
    Scriptor Senex - UK (Merseyside)
    I normally live on Merseyside but am presently staying on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

  24. I am so excited about this wonderful opportunity, that you for providing us with this opportunity.
    So often we get caught up in our busy lives and our passions take a back seat.
    I LOVE photography, and with the stress of packing up my life and moving to a new country it took a back seat for a while....although I still tooks HEAPS of photos.
    But now with inspiration/task to go out and capture my new home town it's an incredible opportuntiy to discover new cracks and creek as well as to get out and renew my passion!

  25. Oh my goodness! I've been out of the blog loop for a few weeks and look whats official Friday Shootout Blog!!!YEE HAW!

    Looking forward to all the cool new towns featured here!


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