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I have listed all the topic suggestions that were in comments today. I will keep track of additional comments and add suggestions as you think of them. Please look at the History of topics that Gordon put on the sidebar right above our suggestions list. It took some looking through Patty H's and Reggie Girl's archives to come up with this list and there may still be some missing but it is very close to accurate. Some of our suggestions are the same - but we can put a new spin on them or even RE-Do because they are interesting and the majority of us were not on board until much later.
When I told Gordon I was willing to help with data entry he didn't say I would be choosing the topics - humph, but we will muddle along and talk about topics about two weeks in advance of getting PattyH to approve and posting them.
Email me if you want to clarify or discuss - gingerv@gigalink.com.br
have a great night (or day?) GingerV


  1. Wow! A lot has happened in the last several days around here. This is great. So sorry to be so late in choosing a future assignment, but I would like to choose entertainment. Indoor or outdoor entertainment. Thanks guys.

  2. Thank you so much for all the organisation that goes on ...I've loved being a part for months now.

    May I have as a topic ...when it's my turn again ..

    Look up and look down.

  3. Patty does not need to approve anything. Smile. I am delighted that we have such wonderful helpers now.

    I am really busy. I mean really busy. I have been working a fair and pageants all week and have more coming up. I also shoot for the hospital and have about 100 photos to edit on Sunday. Actually, I am swamped until after Labor Day with assignments and that does not count what comes up inbetween.

    So please bear with me as I may not be able to post some assignments. I don't even have time to drop in and say, "Hello" to everyone.

    I miss everyone and I am thinking about all of you.

    Go forward Friday Shoot Out Warriors and multiply.

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  5. I have 2 suggestions for assignments....

    bokeh and hands


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