drawing for future topics

I made a list
extracted those who have already choosen topics
extracted those who gave two suggestions
printed the list
cut into pieces
put in a grocery sack
shook well
pulled one by one numbering the list
sorted by number and
TA DA! Starting September 4, we will go in this order. I will ask for a further discription from each of you as it gets close to your week and at that time you can modify your suggestion. I think it would be fair that your name must still be on the list of participants when your time comes in order for us to use your suggestion. Please remember this is about YOUR town. Any questions or other notes?
1 Kerri - "Doors and Windows"
2 Pauline - "Aged & Weathered"
3 Sandy - "Animals" (domesticated)
4 Cindy - "my favorite place to _____"
5 Macro Mama - "Bugs, beautiful and creepy"
6 Jac - "Mirrors (secret worlds)"
7 Carrie - "Silhouettes"
8 Sherri - "Sunsets / sunrises"
9 Ellisa - "Classics / Childhood"
10 Grace Albaug - "entertainment / indoor - outdoor"
11 JarieLyn - outdoor cafes,
12 Kim - "angels"
13 Rebecca - Places of worship (formal or informal?)
14 Kate - Skylines
15 Denise - "a few of my favorite things"
16 Kent - "my town's premier attraction"
17 Sandra Leigh - Fences
18 Vitamin Be-Lardo - "I Could stare at ______ for hours"
19 Scritor Senex - "Birds (real or otherwise)"
20 Sarah - "Faces / Smiles"
21 Emma - "Weather"
22 Chef E - "Aquariums"
22 GigiSzm - Special, what makes your town special"
23 Cynthia L.H. - "Peaceful Oasis"


  1. Looks a great list - thanks for your hard work, folk. It's also good to have some ideas of things to look out for for the future - saves the last minute rush of trying to find things. (Aged and weathered is easy - I'll just do a self-portrait.)

  2. It's nice to have the topic a little more in advance - especially for those who aren't home much! Now maybe my posts will be more about my town and not about wherever I am that week.

  3. Oh, and I've outgrown sciencegirl to a name actually derived from my name: NanU, for Nancy U.

  4. Great! Now I have so many themes over a long period of time, I can truly drive myself completely insane!

  5. Good idea. I see that you reminded people that this is about "their" towns. Yes, folks! Remember why this shoot out was created: to show off the best of your town or city. Think "travel brochure." Rule of thumb: Using the assignment of the week, be creative and show us why we would want to visit your town.

    I am no longer shooting due to time. In fairness, I have been asked that my name be removed from the list. When I return on a full time basis, I will request that my name be put back on the list. But as one of the creators of the shoot-outs, I am hoping that it will not veer off course and become something it was not intended to be.

    So pick up your cameras and venture out or dig into those old files of yours. Make us want to visit your towns!

    I am still visiting!

    Thanks to the Blogger Team!


  6. While I'm with Patty on reminding us that the Shoot Out is meant to showcase our towns, it can be quite hard to find a different array of photos every single week. It's one reason I'm going to scale back, focus, and not try to treat every aspect of a topic.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Patty I vote that you and Reggie girl stay on the list as honorary members until you decide to come back to us...
    I am still hoping to hear from Reggie girl.... miss her perky comments.

  9. Oops. I left out a word or two and had to delete my post. That's what happens when you are in a hurry! I even added a word in my earlier post. I meant to say that I had asked that my name be removed because I felt that if I could not post every week it was not fair to others to have to run around and look for something that was not there.

    Anyway, Nanu, you had a good point. I loved your chair photo - I could sit there all day and drink a bottle of wine!

    Take care of those kitties. They are adorable.

    Did I leave out any words? Did I add any? Editor?!

  10. Patty, I am too busy correcting my own typos to edit anyone elses, we just add or delete words as we read them... it is good mental exercise. because I 'follow' you when you post you show up on my dashboard....

  11. Thanks, GingerV. I appreciate that but it is not right for one person to get special treatment. ChefE is trying hard to keep a running list of participants who "participate."

    Reggie and I had a hard time with people coming coming and going, and it is a lot of work to keep up a list. The people who go to a lot of trouble to put up nice posts expect to click on a link and be taken to a Friday shoot out post not a dead link - as far as the shoot out goes.

    With 70 people, it can be a chore to get around to everyone. But what do I know? Not only am I not a participant any longer I no longer have a crown.

    But you get what I mean.

    You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up.

    Edit, edit, edit. Nah.

  12. Sicks munts ago I coudent evn spel bloggar, and noww I are one! Whoo neads a editer?

  13. gordon if ChefE takes Patty and Reggie off the participant list we could put a small link on the side bar to honor our founding 'fathers'. then if anyone want to visit Crisfield or Newman to see their towns, there would be a quick link.
    word verfi.... woohi!

  14. I think Patty and Reggie know how much we respect them and how much we would like to honor them. However, we need to, also, honor their wishes for privacy. We all have times when we just need a break. Patty is very, very busy on her job. I suspect she will rejoin full posting activity when this hectic period ends. Reggie has given no indication what her reasons are for withdrawing, but, we should respect her right to do so. Ther last time I visited her blog, she was still inactive.
    If we put a separate link, here, it would add to their frustration of not being able to answer all of the queries and comments.
    I do think a small historical post on the sidebar may be in order, though.
    These are just my opinions.

  15. The best testament to Reggie Girl and Patty that the group can make is to stay true to the original "My Town" quest. That is, showcasing heart and soal of the towns we live in, and their greatest (or worst) features. Friends sharing thir towns with friends.

  16. Blah, blah, blah. I am still active (in a different away) and I am not a private person. Private people can't be photographers. Heehe. I am just not doing the actual shoot outs any longer. It is a nuisance to click on a link and find no shoot out. Therefore, I am just removing myself from the list until time is on my side again.

    Nice jester, though. It is much appreciated. Or should I say, " Appreeceated."

  17. Who is the jester? Is that Ginger? She is a big kidder! I'm sure you meant gesture. The other word was perfect, though.

  18. Gordon: Heehe. You are turning into an editor. Take care of me, too. Sad thing for someone who actually writes for a paper to write so baadly, but when in a rush, just get the idea across.

    And my whole post needs to be edited big time for good reading. But you get the point.

  19. Patty, that was a classic gaff. Somehow, I just don't think Ginger qualifies as the court jester. Didn't they call them fools. Ginger, you are too intelligent and dignified for that. It was funny, though.

  20. Ginger ain't no fool unless she turned half of the crown I gave her into a jester's hat.

    Sometimes I wish I was a fool. They can get away with so much more.

  21. Been readin' your comments (funny) and couldn't remember why I was here...oh yes, that's right...I came up with an idea for a Friday topic and wondered if you'd like to add it to the list. I'm not on it yet (been out of the country whilst you were organizing it). Here's the idea: CIRCLES.

  22. kerry, down at the bottom our list is Sandra Leigh Fences or circles - you want to email her and let me know if she will narrow hers down to Fences and let you have circle, it is a good choice. let me know at gingerv@gigalink.com.br


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