Handing Over My "Friday Shoot Out" Crown

Bye Bye Birdie
I'm gonna miss you so;
Bye Bye Birdie,
Why'd you have to go?

Many of you know the story of how this shoot out began. For you newbies, I started my blog to show off the beauty of my town. Crisfield is indeed a tranquil, beautiful place full of wonderful people. Last February, I met Reggie Girl in Georgia through Blogger. We kidded each other about whose town was the best (I was born and raised in Georgia) and we started the "My Town" shoot out between ourselves. We had no intentions of inviting anyone to join us when we started the shoot outs. But people wanted in, and we thought it would be fun. But it grew too fast.

The newspaper has been keeping me very busy, and trying to keep up with some 70 shoot out members as well as 100 followers, and answering emails from people about our town...well, this has become a job. It is has also limited my time to showcase Crisfield.

When we had a smaller number of members it was easy to stay in touch, laugh, and give each other quality time. I could spend 10 - 20 minutes going over photos and reading the commentary on each blog, maybe more. Sometimes, I went back again to view photos and make more comments. With so many people now, it is hit and miss, and I feel guilty about not having enough time to spend with each member.

I know how much time and effort it takes to get those photos to the Blogosphere. So many of you do a lot of work with both photos and commentary - you know who you are. When running around trying to catch up, I do a lot of hits and misses, and feel bad about not having time to spend with old friends and those who put extraordinary effort into their posts.

Everyone, no matter how large or how small your posts are, have made this a wonderful adventure. But imagine 70 people at your house for a party? You just can't give everyone quality time.

So, I am saying goodbye to the town shoot out for awhile and in fairness, asking that my name be removed from the shoot out list. If I see a subject that I have time to shoot I will still join in but please do not add my name to the list when I do, as I may not be back for weeks.

Since February, I have not missed one assignment. Being a dedicated person to anything that I do, this was a hard but necessary decision for me to make.

When Reggie Girl left due to burnout Gordon took over. We now have GingerV and ChefE on the team. I am passing my crown on to them to share jointly. Thank you, all. You have done a stupendous job!

I will still be visiting and posting when I have time. And when time allows, I will have my name put back on the list, so save a place for me.

To the new administrators of the shoot out: please feel free to take the shoot out in any direction you desire. Also feel free to change the banner, add, delete, make new rules - whatever.

I am not going away - you will still see me, and I hope I will see you.

Bowing Out With Grace, I hope,


Carry on Gordon, GingerV, and ChefE!


  1. sorry to see you go Patty. you will be missed.

  2. No you cannot go...we want you to be happy though! I know you have a lot on your plate, and hope we see you here...

  3. Thanks Doreen. I will still be visiting and posting.

    ChefE: Hear the door close? Heehe. I'm gone as a Friday shooter but I am still here to post.

  4. We'll miss you! You're a wonderful photographer and an inspiration to the rest of us!

  5. Kathy: I am not leaving - just not participating in the shoot outs for awhile. You can still visit my Crisfield bog and enjoy some great photos.

    I will still be around and posting, and I will have more quality time to spend with those I visit.

  6. Bummer!

    I loved the group when it was 20 people - and to tell the truth I only became a 'follower' when the blogger did 2 shoot-outs in a row and that has limited my commentaries....(to about 40 instead of the 70) but will miss you A LOT!!!

    Thanks for being brave enough to tell us up front and will watch for your return.

  7. I have tremendously enjoyed and admired all those who participate in this unique undertaking, but I realized long ago that it would completely undermine my reasons for blogging. There are several on my regular list who do the Friday Shoot Out and I have done some photos to use later for my own town, but I cannot stay focused long enough to do this many. I do admire Patty for her start up efforts and her honesty to know when she has to back off. That is wisdom.

  8. Did anyone mention growing pains? At a time like this I ask myself, "What did I do?" It has been my intention to do as I was asked, after Reggie left. Patty, if I have done anything to hurt the My Town group, let me know publicly or privately. I will bow out if you will stay. You are the organizer and czar of this whole effort.
    It seemed to me when I joined that there was great pride taken, especially by Reggie Girl, in seeing the numbers continue to grow. I have enjoyed each new serious member. My intention is to stay until I feel that I am not able to contribute through weekly posts. Hopefully, anyone who is now a member will not feel pressured to quit. With natural attrition, our group will get smaller.
    Patty, you deserve to do whatever is best for you. Hopefully, I have not offended you, or anyone else. If I did, I'm sorry.
    Walk With Faith,

  9. Patty I look forward to seeing your photos and your personality no matter which blog they are on!

    It IS hard to get around to everyone ....and I know that there will be many weeks when I can't ..

    love to you. Sarah Lulu

  10. Oh, Gordon. You are so silly. I think this shoot out thing is a great idea and that it should continue. People are having fun. There is no way I would drop it into the hands of anyone I did not feel would do an excellent job. You know how I feel about you - Wow! You can come and organize my life anytime. ChefE and Ginger got it going on, too, so I am just taking a long break knowing that all of you know what you are doing.

    You have all been around long enough - and I encourage to go forward and make all the changes you see fit.

    It is good that we are growing and sharing. Gosh, 300 people would be super - even 3000! But neither I, or anyone else could get to all of them. I think it is good just having our towns out there even if no one posts. My site meter shows all kinds of people looking for info on Crisfield. They don't leave a post but they come in looking for charter fishing, B&B info, crab info, restaurants, etc. Of course, my site is dedicated to Crisfield so searchers will always find sometime here.

    The shoot outs allow everyone to show the best their town has to offer. Every Friday, each participant's blog becomes a little travel brochure. I think that is neat.

    So go kiss a fish and get back to work.

  11. Sarah Lulu: I love you too, gal. I am not going away. My blog will still be there and I will have more photos - just no time to concentrate on themes.

    I will be visiting, too.

  12. Queenmothermawma: Thanks. That is appreciated. I know the gang will flourish. They are in good hands.

    GingerV: I ain't going nowhere. I am just not going to be posting on Fridays.

  13. Patty, I so understand!! I started blogging to keep my parents and siblings up to date on my life. It's turned into a lot more than that. I do feel presure to participate and it is so thrown together sometimes. I like the idea of being able to come and go as we can. I think we all have a life to live and and blogging should be the last thing on our list of things to do. I know you aren't going anywhere and we all know where to find you :) Don't work to hard and be happy. See ya when you get time.

  14. Patty, you are the original and the reason why this project turned out so good. This blog is part of my weekend and when I see the header it's you I remember. Don't say goodbye. Even, you will not participate every week, you are still part of the group, it's yours. Good things there are great people like Gordon, GingerV and ChefE. I like the whole gang here. I never tired of saying you guys gave me a warm welcome here. I do visit your own site too especially when I can't see you here.

  15. Gigi: I am still going to blog but with no schedules or deadlines. Not having my name on the list anymore will free up my obligation to post but will not stop me from posting.

    Yep. Everyone knows where they can find me! Thanks.

    Redlan: Well, it was a joint venture between Reggie Girl and me that began more as a little game that a porject. I suggested that we shoot signs around our town. The next week I told Reggie Girl to pick a subject. I can't remember what she picked. Then the next week I picked one and so it went until we had a few people join in. I told RG that it would be fun if we started letting other people pick assignments. We first went by the ones who had been with us the longest, then we went by alphabetical order. As more people joined in, we came up with the idea to pick a name from a hat or bowl. Each week we alternated picking names.

    So we both started it, but it took all the wonderful early shooters to move it along. And now there are many new shooters and it has become a movement. That is what both RG and I wanted. We did not foresee the growing pains.

    But I know Gordon is one step ahead on everything and that he will make a good leader, along with the help of ChefE and GingerV. So I hope everyone listens to his wisdom so that the shoot outs can continue. I am sure there will be changes; and Gordon, you have all my full support and approval on anything you want to change or keep the same.

    I do love going around and seeing what people are doing. I just can't take time to do a Friday shoot out and then visit 70 people each week, many who really shoot their hearts out. So, to be fair, I am only dropping my name from the list so no one will feel obligated to visit my site.

    But, I am still around and perhaps when things slow down this winter, I will have my name put back on the list.

  16. Thank you, Patty. You know how we feel about you. I'm glad that you will still be here with us, even if your involvement is reduced.
    My advise to all linked members is to pzce yourselves. There are times when you have plenty of time and the desire to apend on an assignment, and other times you don't. What would be ideal when you are stressed is to take just a few minutes and post one photo. If you must miss a week, I would ask that you leave a comment here or on Cef Elizabeth's blog and let us know. She will mark your link "Taking a week off". Don't burn yourselves out. I always enjoy lots of photos and commentary. Mark always cracks me up with his antics. Many others of you touch me in different ways. Again, JUST PACE YOURSELF!
    Walk With Faith

  17. Sorry about the typos in the last post. Hope you got the message I was trying to convey. A typist, I am not. Gordon

  18. Thank you, Patty for all that you have contributed.
    Thank you to the team that is continuing!
    I appreciate you all!

  19. Cynthia: Thanks to you for being a part of our team!

  20. Said with such grace! All the best on your new adventures (you sound like you have many). Absolutley love all your photos and even though I am new I will miss your participation.


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