Many of our Shoot-out members have mentioned the benefits of using Mr. Linky on the My Town blog for our weekly posts. There would be benefits from using that venue if we continue to receive unlimited membership. However, after reviewing the the downsides of that choice, we have decided that is not the direction we want to pursue.
When Friday Shoot-outs was initiated the vision was very clear. Our goals were to link with new friends, share enjoyable exchanges and photos depicting our home towns, and get to know one another. We, certainly, have done that.
Friday Shoot-outs has reached a point in its development,though, that we are in danger, through rapid growth, of leaving behind the very qualities that have made participation so enjoyable and rewarding. We have attracted some who very seldom or never post. We suspect that others joined because they just wanted to increase the hits on their blog or sell a product. It is unreasonable to expect our faithful members to keep scanning our growing number of links to repeatedly find so many that have very little interest in sharing shots with friends.
Even if all who would join in the future did post weekly, we are approaching a point that it will be impossible to visit and comment on all members' blogs. By diluting our time with so many we would be close friends with no one.
We treasure all of the members of our gang, now. We certainly don't want to lose any of you. However, we have made the decision that after this Friday, we will not, arbitrarily, accept new members. Through attrition, we will lose some members in the future, from various reasons. We will allow the linked membership to be reduced to a maximum of fifty (50) links. When that time comes, we will consider added new members to keep our membership at or below the cap. Chef Elizabeth is doing a terrific job of monitoring inactive shooters. Perhaps she might consider keeping a waiting list of link requests if they arise.
This decision does not prevent other bloggers from participating. They only need to post a shoot-out assignment and announce, through comments on our blogs that they are joining in our fun. We will encourage that. However, they will not be added to our member links unless we are under our cap number of members. We owe it to you faithful members out there to keep active shooters and friends, and to weed out those that are a source of frustration.
The bottom line is that if you enjoy Shoot-outs and want to preserve its mission, we want you here. Perhaps, we will, now, be able to get better acquainted. We are looking forward to a long rewarding relationship with all of you who want the same.
Thank you for your dedication. We hope each of you will be excited about this opportunity.

Town Blogger Team


  1. I applaud you, the time spent in thinking this through and the ability to make the hard choices that need to be made.

    let me know if there is anything else you need me to do to help with the maintenance of the gang.

  2. WOW! I agree that it is often that I'm unable to visit the entire list of links...very rarely, but I do peek in to see new faces atleast every Friday...just a few new faces here and there. I just do not have the time available to me for visiting and commenting on every link. I am SO glad that I came in when I did. You definitely MUST have a Vermonter in the members list and I faithfully keep up with posting each week.

    I do like the new addition for favorite shootout picks. That is a great idea and perfect way of sharing :)

  3. Sounds good to me!!! Thanks for all of your hard work folks!!! Sarah

  4. Amen!
    Thanks for all you do and for letting me be a part of the best Gang in the world! I love you all!

  5. Ah, the problems of success!! And a good solution. I'm having a hard enough time just checking the people I know! Heck, last time I even blew the theme!

  6. I am glad I joined when I did also. This has been a great venue for me, seeing all the regular posts and noticing who has been like family on this site. I'm still a newbie, but I post every week and I try to comment on as many posts as I can. I really like that most of the members on this site have formed friendships with one another and I hope I can become a part of that circle. This is the one blog that I really appreciate specifically because of the friendships. And, in a way, participating has given me a purpose, something to look forward to.

    I like that you are putting a limit on it. It can be overwhelming at times. But it is still so much fun and so very inspiring.

    Thank you.

  7. I think it's a superb idea, especially since I got in just in time ;)

    I love checking everybody's sites and it is pretty disappointing when you take the time to do that and people aren't actively participating.

    Thanks for the work you do to keep this going!

  8. All I want to say is, thanks for all the hardwork to make this site possible. I try to visit some of the links, it's fun seeing places I've never been!

  9. Oh my i am not part of the blogroll anymore. :-) Thanks for welcoming here anyways. I still love to visit the Friday SHoot Out. I am always excited to see different shots.

  10. Redlan, your name was dropped in error. You are welcome here as long as you want to be here., You are a very dedicated member. I enjoy your enthusiasm, friend. Your link will be restored.

  11. If you feel that your name has been dropped in error, please leave a comment. We don't want to lose any active members.

  12. It's okay Gordon. I am so sorry, I was not active for last two weeks for the Friday shoot out because of personal issues. What is important is I can feel the warm welcome when discovered this cool site even until now. I love this group and part of this even am not on the list. I am still here. It made me realized I should be participated and always on time to on Friday Shoot Out. Thanks so much.

  13. Redlan, we all have things come up. Don't feel like you must post every single week. Just do what you can. I have enjoyed your fun and vitality since you came. I am very sorry your link was dropped in error. My goal, personally, has been to at least post one photo each week. There have been times when I knew I would be out of town that I even posted three days early. It is a great thing having so many friends throughout the world.

  14. Don't worry I will do my best. I always think of the theme as you guys post it in advance. Days runs so fast. I guess I have to scheduled the post as you do sometimes. I usually have time only on Sundays. Today is holiday so I have time to bloghop and read the Fridays latest posts in a row. Thanks again. I am the one who need to say sorry. Sorry again and thanks

  15. I would suggest a theme of "a group". It would be a group of people, animals, houses, etc.

    "in a row"

    "national" like national hero, national flower, national flag, etc.

    I will think more.

    "native language or dialect signs"


  16. I am amazed at how quickly this gang grew! I was, and am, very honored to be a member, and still remember how excited I was to start. :) I think the plan you have explained sounds great, and if I can do anything, please let me know.

    Here's to the best gang ever! :)

  17. So glad to be apart of this talented (and very often funny) group! thanks for all your hard work! All your photos have inspired me so I think I will be asking for a new camera for my birthday this year!

  18. "Even if all who would join in the future did post weekly, we are approaching a point that it will be impossible to visit and comment on all members' blogs. By diluting our time with so many we would be close friends with no one."

    I agree with the quote above, it was getting to be too much and it was hard to determine participants, because by Wednesday when i would finally get around to doing my rounds there were many that hadn't played (even late).
    We are experiencing some growing pains and i missed the small town quaintness.
    Thanks for all the hard work that goes into keeping this little community organized and thriving

  19. I have so enjoyed being a part of the group ...
    ever since Reggie Girl first invited me ...I don't think I've missed once....

    But I admit I have tried my best to visit each and every blog on the list the last couple of weeks and I almost got stressed ..about it. So putting a cap on how many does seem very sensible!

  20. Very obvious that there was careful consideration put into this - good job! I will be on vacation the next two Fridays but still hope to be able to post. Cheers everyone!

  21. I think it's great. There are so many of us to keep track of.

    On a side note, Emma is in the middle of a move across country. She'll be back ASAP, please don't delete her yet.

  22. Anyone having problems with blogger? This is the second time I have been able to post in the past hour.

  23. I am in another group blog and it is limited to 25 members. so cutting this to 50 is still alot to handle and many posts to visit. thanks for all the work you guys do!


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