I am updating our member links to include hometowns. Please comment, HERE, with your town so I don't have to search for it.


  1. Hello Gordon, I noticed my link. SOrry but it's ILOILO City. Thanks again.

  2. Sorry, Redlan. My eyes are not what they once were.

  3. Elaine Dale (http://ascattering.blogspot.com), I live in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

  4. Cindy here...greetings from Juneau, Alaska!!!

  5. I live in a rural area, with no close neighbours so I define my town as the places I go on a daily or weekly basis. I work in Whangarei but the closest place to where I live is a small village called Maungakaramea.

  6. I live in Albany Georgia.

  7. Hi there -

    I see I've been removed from the list, but I still want to participate. I know I missed a couple weeks.

    Jenna from MO.

  8. Jenna, our blog membership began to get out of hand with people joining and then not posting. If your link was removed, it was because you did not post for three weeks in a row. When we have the number of links that we have and linked members just ignore the shoot-out it is not fair to those that are going to the blog expecting to see a shoot-out post. The decision was made to cap our membership until natural attrition takes it be low fifty links. We are not adding new links until that happens. If you would like to post our assignments on Fridays and leave a comment on linked members' blogs that you have posted, we encourage that.
    Chef Elizabeth is creating a waiting list for new members to be added when we drop below the fifty total. If you would like to drop her a comment requesting to be put back on the links at that time, she will handle it. Thanks.

  9. I live in Nanaimo, which is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

  10. Ambler, PA

    Back from vacation and ready to shoot my town again!

  11. I would like to participate in the future but am not sure what I need to do.
    Joe Todd Lancaster,Ohio
    Blog: My Quality Time
    Link: http://www.myqualitytime.net/

    Thanks. Looks like a lot of fun

  12. I live in Preston, Lancashire, England :)
    Call in for a chat with me! Christine's Chatter is at :-


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