Who were "the dirty dozen?"

When I said the 'dirty dozen' I was, well just saying it. Then J9 left a comment asking who were the dirty dozen, good question. I went back to PattyH's January, February and March of 2009 and picked up when names began to appear in the comments..... here is how our history began. Course this doesn't mean others weren't already participating - but these were commenting.

On Wednesday February 4th both Reggie Girl and Barry show up for the first time on Patty's Crisfield blog.
February 14 GingerV
February 23 Reggie Girl and Patty H begin to invite 'shutter bugs' to take photos of 'funny or interesting or just pretty signs'
February 25 'the pink birdhouse' makes first comment.
February 27 PattyH suggests 'houses' for the next week.
Churches is suggested. Si makes comment
March 1 - J9
March 3 - Reggie girl coins the phrase 'my town shoot-out'
March 5 - 'old houses' is picked
March 13 Butler & Bagman appears with first comment.
March 28 Gordon says visit my 'fishing friends' blog
Loida in China and Jen at my moments
and finally
April 1 - Half Crazy


  1. Half Crazy was the perfect arrival name for April Fools Day.
    My first post seems like yesterday.

  2. You keep nice records! How fun you all are...

  3. I first posted on April 10th ...it was actually Easter Saturday ..and I was kind of a day behind for someone who is actually a day ahead!

    I didn't even know I was on of the early ones to be honest!

  4. my first participation was 'people' I can't for the life of me remember how I started commenting, etc. but here I am and still enjoying all.... seems like a lot happened that first month, and to really know who started when I would have to go back to everyone's archives and do a spread sheet of when the names started appearing.... sorry for my lack of dedication to the cause.... it was a lot of fun though going through Patty's and re-reading everyones comments...

  5. Well now. Where do you keep your hat and pipe, Sherlock?

    That was fun. A blast from the past.

    Loida moved to Canada. I still hear from her. Half Crazy went back to school. Always enjoyed their photos. Maybe one day they will come back.

    Gordon, you are just super. I can't up with the days of the week.

  6. wow - I made the dirty dozen! How cool is that? Very cool, Watson.

  7. Ginger gets all of the credit for this work. I didn't know I made the dirty dozen either, Jen.
    Ginger, I think you need to start a weekly post, here, called "Voices From The Veranda."

  8. I figured I was part of the Dirty Dozen because I look like Telly Savalas.

  9. My once weekly blog entry when choosing the next topic is all you'all need from me, any other you need to go read my thoughts from the veranda blog entries....
    Mark who is Telly Savalas? Guess I need to do another internet search I am SO out of the real world....

  10. Ha You guys are funny! I keep the suckers in my van if you need any B&B...


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