Crisfield, Maryland - Patty's Hometown
Crisfield is the southermost incorporated town in Maryland, located at the mouth of the Annemessex River and flanked by Tangier Sound (population-2000 census: 2723). It is a major distributor of seafood along the U.S. east coast.
In 1666 a 300 acre parcel of land was granted to English settler, Benjamin Summers. After he settled there, a fishing village grew up around him and would soon be called Somers Cove, in his honor.
In 1866 Attorney, John W. Crisfield was instrumental in bringing the Eastern Shore Railroad all the way down to the Crisfield seaport. The town was renamed "Crisfield", honoring his efforts. Crisfield, shortly thereafter, became known as the "seafood capital of the world." By 1904, Crisfield was the second largest city in Maryland, second only to Baltimore. It continues to be famous for its seafood, particularly Maryland crab, and abounds with restaurants, seafood packing houses and seafood distribution companies.
Crisfield is most famous to us as our very own Patty's hometown.
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  1. I got to thinking about that photo and had to come back. Gordon, you tried to pull a fast one on a busy lady. I really don't remember the moon coming up that way, although, it does move. I have never been in the same place at the same time the moon was there unless I was a little tipsy, which I could have been. But I don't remember taking the photo.

    However it is Crisfield. That is the Trojan Horse, and behind it is the Courtney Thomas; a old photo becasue the Trohan Horse has since been painted.

    So spill the beans...

  2. Between the Trojan Horse and the Courtney Thomas is the Twister - little speck of yellow.

    And the tall white building with the deck is no longer white.

  3. Oh, and the people having a deck party on my recent post - that was where they party was.

  4. I will have to check out the moon when it gets over that way again. Right now it is on the other side. That is what threw me. Plus, I did not take it, and the building was a different color, and I was in a hurry.

    The photos stuck in my mind all day like one of those songs you can't get rid of.

    That is the entrance to our marina and we must go in an out of there several times a week.

    That was fun, though. I expect you to fool someone else equally good next week.

  5. Only representative town or area photos will be used. It should be fun.

  6. This is great idea TBTeam. Crisfield is the seafood capital of the world!

    Here's the post about my own city:


    I would love to know other's town/city too.


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