Domestic Animals - Photos of the Week

***oopsie! I went through blogs a bit too early! I kept track though, of who had posted and who had not, and I'll be visiting those who had not first next week - and on Saturday.
Time zones, who knew?

Sorry all - won't happen again.


Hello all!

I have to start by saying that this was nearly impossible. My heart melts for animals, and looking at all these amazing photos...well, choosing was tough.
I am proud to say I did visit every single blog listed on the member list. :) If you didn't have this week's theme posted yet, I made a note of it, and your blogs will be the first I visit next week.

With that, here are the spotlight photos, in no particular order:

Elaine, with Tucker who loves to drive:

Kate, who is getting married soon (congrats!) and went to an animal haven for her shoot out. This little guy needs a home! Isn't he sweet looking?

Kent, whose camel photo is laugh out loud funny:

Rebecca, whose cow with bell photo is truly spectacular:

And, last but not least, Scriptor with his cat who, from this photo I can hear the true Lion within roaring!

There were two quotes that jumped out at me, and I won't do this every week, just when something strikes my fancy.

On Sandy's blog: "Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." Being a dog person, I couldn't agree more. I also think you could change "puppies" to any pet type. :)

And, on Sarah's blog, she had this on a photo of her dog, "Mama - you has treats?"

I'd also like to thank ChefE for the way cool camera button to link back to this site.

That's all folks, have a great weekend, and see you next week! :D


  1. Thanks for the shout out Jen! Tucker is my cousin Deborah's dog and she'll be thrilled to see that my shot of him (and her hands on the wheel) is one of the shots of the week. Great job everyone!

  2. Congratulations, to all! Your photo's are so praise worthy!

  3. all fantastic photos and congrats! the second one pulls at my heart strings.......... :-(

  4. I haven't made it all the way down the list (well 1/4 of the way) but I am in full agreement, these shots are wonderful.... well done Jen.

  5. You are very wise, Jen. Gtreat choices. I have been so busy that I've only visited a few members, but, I will finish my tour by Monday. Thanks for being there for us.

  6. OH MY the first photo reminds me of Tounces the driving cat on SNL, hysterical...please do not go off the cliff!

  7. Great choices Jen! And I like it that you included a few quotes. Now I'm gonna go visit a few more sites...

  8. Excellent choices. I love them all, especially the cat.

    I told ChefE to put me back on the list. I made it through summer, so it should be easier on me not to have to worry about missing a shoot out, though watch me do it!

    At least I don't get the wrong assignment, Mark!

  9. ChefE:

    "Toonces! Watch outtttt!"

    "He drives around,
    all over the town,
    Toonces the driving cat."

    "Toonces. The cat who could drive a car, just not very good."

    I love it!

  10. Excellent choices! The camels are so cool.

  11. All are great shots but the camels really did make me laugh out loud. Fun!

  12. I have found that if I eat two onions every day that the spitting camels stay away. It works! In sixty two years I have never had a camel spit on me. Try it, Patty. I think two heads of garlic works, also. I've even heard that if you smear cod liver oil in your hair daily, it will do the same thing.

  13. Fabulous choices! They are excellant photos! Brilliant.

  14. just a suggestion for the photos of the week, that it shouldn't be posted until Sat. or Sunday. The "Shoot Out Gang" all live in different time zones, work and cannot all post early on Friday. I think the "Shoot Out Gang" should have all day Friday to post our Shoot Outs.

  15. I am in agreement with Doreen, this would also give me time to post the next weeks assignment putting the photos of the week at the TOP of the blog most of the week.

  16. Ahhh! The life of being a rookie!
    Hey, Jen, we love you!

  17. Oh, my apologies, all - that was totally my mistake, and I'm a bit red faced about it.

    Don't worry, I know who didn't post yet when I went to their blogs, and I will be checking in with them first next Saturday. :)


  18. EEKK! This was not a mistake Jen, Gordon OFTEN picked the photos of the week early, at least before I'd seen them all....

    No red faces here Matey! Eagerness is a welcome trait on this here teamy, Matey.... does this sound like pirat talk...? I never was good at drama speak - much better at the square root of....

  19. didn't mean to embarrass anyone. just wanted everyone to have a fair shake!

  20. You picked one of mine!! Woo!! Thank you :)

  21. Good job I didn't see Kate's dog I'd have had to take him home with me. Loved the camels as well!


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