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Okay Gordon - here we go. I know that October 2 is supposed to be bugs and things but as the one responsible for assignments, I am making an executive decision to shake up the routine a bit.

Drum Roll!

The Assignment for October 2 will be a photo study of building in your neighborhood. And by neighborhood I mean 'neck of the woods'. Your yard, your town, your state, your country. A building you've passed everyday on your way to work or to the kids ball game or one you saw on your vacation. Look at the angles, the light, the windows, doors, special features, its uses past and present. Use your imagination and your camera to tell us a story about your building. If you end up home bound that week don't panic, use your house, your church, your child's school. Lets see some fire, some passion for photography and our world. GingerV

Example : Private home - Adrian Michigan - Vacation June, 2009


  1. It's exciting as the weeks pass by.

  2. Can someone please tell me what happened to Reggie Girl, it seems as if something is going on and I miss her terribly.
    Thank you

  3. Woah! You have fired me up. I was glad really because I do struggle with bugs and stuff. I a very excited about this one, I just have to think about the building... there are so many to choose from !!!!!

  4. Quite a challenge. I think I'll do the building where I work because when I first started 11 years ago, it was just being finished and as a "lowest bidder" government procurement project, it's been a can of worms ever since.

    Although I will miss doing bugs!

    Bagman, of course, wants me to do the girls dorm at a local college.

  5. the bugs are just pushed back a week not missed completely....

  6. I know just the building - you are going to love it! Pushing bugs back a week doesn't bother me ;)

  7. You have raised thye bar! This will be invigorating. Let's see....maybe Cinderella's Castle at Disney.....or maybe the local homeless shelter.

  8. Gordon - what a contrast the total reality of a homeless shelter vs make believe of Disney - look forward to see what you deside...

  9. I hope I can get one or two shots. I so don't want to break my perfect record. Brag, brag.

    Hey, Gordon? Do you have a list of the members who have never missed a shoot out? I know there are a few of us.


  10. Patty, I have not kept that record. You have to hold the all time record. I have never missed during my time with the group. Some members probably wish I had.
    Ginger, I shot most of my building for your assignment, today. My batterries went dead, so I'll need to finish shooting later.
    I'm excited. This building makes, even me, feel like a photographer.
    It's not Cenderella's Castle or the homeless shelter.

  11. We are in Rio this weekend so I am going to hire someone to watch my back and try to take photos of 3 different buildings here, what I don't use 10-2 I can use in my 'regular' blog.

    so you figured out that that comment was from me - I forget to sign out sometimes. Sorry.


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