Occasionally, I feel the need to share a few of my thoughts with the group. I receive emails, once in a while, with questions, ideas or concerns. I think when one member has a concern there are others that may have similar thoughts or feelings, but may keep them to themselves. I hope the following may be helpful to you.
First - Pace yourself in the time you put into weekly shoot-outs. Some weeks you have more time than others. This is supposed to be fun. If it becomes a chore, SLOW DOWN. Burnout is common with blogging in general. We have witnessed that.
Second - Many of you live in small towns. Don't feel like you are restricted to shooting only in your little town. That could become very boring for some of you. I love seeing vacation pics and shots of towns around you in your states. Just identify where they are. For those living in countries other than the U.S., feel free to branch out and share the exciting things around you. Patty would like to keep the my town theme alive, but, I'm sure she does not intend for you to be in photographic prison.
After all, there are no rules!
Third - Any of you that may want to contact me privately, my email is on my blog. It is It is a pleasure doing little things for our group. Just enjoy the experience, at a pace that will keep it enjoyable for you.
Thanks for your many kind word and encouragement to everyone. It means a lot.


  1. Gordon, thank you for this note. It's very encouraging and I'm sure many others, as well as myself, will have appreciated it :)

  2. Oh, yes! Branch out. Gosh, there are only 3,000 people in our town.

    Though I like to highlight my town as much as possible, I do branch out into my county. Everyone should have plenty of things about their counties that they can share with us. And when on vacation, take those cameras. It gives us another view of a part of the country or world we may not ever see.

    It helps to show people what you have around your area, and if they are visitors to your town it gives them ideas of where to go and what to do.

    Also, don't feel like you have to use "new" photos. Mark oftentimes gives us some fantastic photos from the 60's to the present. I love old photos.

    Get out and shoot!

    Thanks, Gordon.

  3. Gordon, you're a rock. Thanks for being our crazy glue. Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks Gordon!

    I do go further afield than is strictly my town in a country town in rural Australia ...I figure I can get away with it!

    I still enjoy the group so much.

    Some weeks are easier/busier than others ...this last week I didn't even leave my garden for the photos.

    Thanks to all of you for a great job!

  5. Great advice. I've realised that sometimes I'm into it, sometimes less so. Sometimes I've got a huge catalog of pictures, sometimes one, sometimes I've got stuff to say so there's lots of text. It was important to let go of the idea that I should cover every aspect of every topic.

  6. thanks for saying this because I did sometimes feel guilty not using new photos or ones taken just in my town! I love being a part of this; it is a great creative outlet!

  7. Good to read thiis post - been a very rough month but I'm going to try for this week


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