I am pleased to announce that JEN has consented to join the My Town administrative team. She will be handling the pleasant responsibility of Photos of the Week. She is far more qualified for that task than I am.
Thank you, Jen, for sharing the load. Gordon
Patty, would you please list her as a contributor?


  1. welcome to the team Jen. ask for help if you need it.

  2. Ah the standard bar is raised...Jen has a wonderful eye from what she has posted in the past! Yea, Jen!

    PS:And no, I'm not sucking up.

    PPS: Well, maybe a little.

  3. LOL!

    Thanks Mark, you always make me laugh.

    I appreciate the offer Ginger, I am sure I'll be taking you up on it!

    It's very exciting to be part of this team, Thank You!

  4. Thanks for joining in, Jen. I will have to send you an invite. Just follow the directions.

    Gordon and ChefE (are you helping, too, GingerV-did I send you an invite?) you have been doing a great job. I know how tiring all this can be. We need as many talented team members as we can get in order to keep this alive. Hopefully, this winter I will be able to return in some capacity.

    Mark, you are not allowed to suck up. Only Bagman.

  5. Welcome Jen! Hope to get to know you better...

  6. Jen, I left a post on your site. I need your email in order to invite you to be a team member. You don't have one listed on your sites. I know I used to have it, know?

  7. Welcome and thanks for doing this :) I look forward to doing the Shoot Out every week - I've posted mine a little early this week since I'm on my way out of town tomorrow morning for my wedding weekend. I'm looking foward to checking out everyone's pictures when I get home!

  8. OK, Jen. Thanks for the email. You should be getting your invite. Welcome to the team.

  9. Hi everyone! It's official, I got the link and followed the directions and here I am!

    I appreciate the warm welcome, and all the support. :)

    I am so ready to rock and roll this Friday!


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