Old & Weathered - Photos of the Week

Thanks to everyone who posted our terrific shots this week, and thanks especially, to Pauline for the very popular assignment.

Redlan fascinated us with his introduction of the earthen "tuba" jars.

We found Sara's "mum" and Fudge enjoying an old weathered tree "house" in Erddig Park.

Katheryn told of the weathered web and a determined spider.

Heather's sons had fun in a tepee.

Doreen captured a "punch buggy" showing its age.
Thanks to all of the many shooters who show your photographic talents, week after week. May God bless each of our members bravely facing ongoing health issues.


  1. Great topic, fun photos.

  2. I am so honoured to have my photo featured along with my beautiful mum and in a place I love so much, ERDDIG PARK. Truly honoured.

    I love the buggy shot but I also love the web. I have tried to photograph a web but havent succeeded yet - I will get there.

    Great shoot out!

  3. I'll take that punch buggy. The tree is nice, too.

    I like this addition, Gordon. So happy you are keeping the shoot outs going.

  4. We have some amazing shooters out there; it's good to recognize the brave and successful battles against serious health problems.

    Thank you for your work and your wit, Gordon!

  5. I missed the first one in my visits...I'll have to double check my wanderings :)

    Thank you, it is an honor that you're sharing our photos on the main site...thank you, thank you :)

  6. this was a really fun shoot. I like the aged and weathered look. thanks Pauline! I really enjoyed visiting everyone's posts.

  7. Katheryn told of the weathered web and a determined spider.

    I always like the spider webs. Was there a story of a Scottish king who hid in a cave, and the spider gave him inspiration on determination.

  8. Congratulations to all that were chosen. Great job!

  9. I am so honored that one of my photos is featured here for the theme, weathered and aged. Thanks and more power to us.


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