October 2 Assignment

A Photo Study of a Building By: Town Blogger Team

I was getting a bit behind in letting you know the future topics. One of our few rules is that before we can use one of your suggestions you have to be an active participant. This rule is so that if you have questions or comments you can go to the blog of the one making the suggestion and talk directly with them...

Before I could go forward into October, I needed to compare our updated participant list and take off the suggestions from those who were MIA. You don't know how much I hated doing this. I have threatened to quit a couple of times, but NO ONE else can quit before the new year.... I hate it so much that I think there are a few that I didn't remove.... Maybe I am hoping they come back, but if not I will remove them before the November update. Okay?

I am sorry but the Bugs shootout was removed. Anyone who want to can ask me to put it or any others removed back as their own choice, I'll honor their wish. This moved several other topic up towards the top. In case you are wondering I only number up to 9 because number 10 goes to the top. As the topics are used, I update the list and list the top 9.

Future Topics:

October 9 - Silhouetes - by Carrie
October 16 - Sunrise / Sunsets - By Sherri
October 23 - Classics of Childhood - by Ellisa

One other change to note, in the place of another topic removed I put in a 'make your own', this is to give us a break, letting you pick a topic of your choice or just to do random stuff....


  1. thanks all of you "admins" for all the work you do in organizing. I am having a hard time just keeping up on posting and visiting in the midst of life happening on the side :) thanks alot!

  2. I love the way Mark needs a special note so he doesn't get confused haha.

  3. Mark must be special to get his own personalized reminder.

  4. My goodness. I only missed one week, but I seem to have disappeared fronm the list. Oh, well. I guess I snoozed. I have a post up this week.

  5. Sandra I noticed this last night - and have passed a note to ChefE.

  6. Sandra, it has to be accidental. That happened to Redlan, once also.
    It is easy to do. Elizabeth will fix it.

  7. Ginger, could I send you a list of things I need to be reminded of....or maybe times for wake-up calls. I didn't know you were going to be this proficient.

  8. 'Que?'
    You need me to remind you?
    I thought I was being overly - overly something because I have nothing else to do maybe...

    just a hint - my work when I worked was reconciliation and internal audit.... maybe I am a bit anal... (I like Butler very much if that helps you understand)

  9. I thought Mark would feature Bagman in the Domesticated Animal assignment, but I guess domesticated was a stretch for Bagman.

  10. Thanks, GingerV. I figured it was an accident. No problem, matey. Shiver me timbers! (It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, you know.)

  11. Thanks for the bold reminder...one of these days I'll look at a calendar.

  12. Hi y'all, I posted... I hope to some day be included again...

    Great post idea however...




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