I. Do you visit this blog weekly? If so, leave a comment, here.
I suspect that many have their own links to member blogs and very seldom come here. As you visit member blogs please ask them to come and participate in this survey.
II. What criteria should we use when considering dropping links of members?
We automatically drop members if they don't post for three weeks running without a sensible reason. Chef Elizabeth is doing a terrific job at documenting activity of our membership. Without her, we would be frustrated by visiting blog after blog with no weekly shootout posted.
III. Should we expect members to at least leave a post saying that they will not be participating on a particular week, or that their post will be late? These things seem to be common curteousy to me.
IV. Would you like for us to organize a group email list to send out info like this in the future?

I think frustrations have been reduced as many who were not seriously interested have been eliminated, but, we don't want to lose anyone. I consider this to be a group of worldwide close friends. Give us your general thoughts, without pointing fingers at anyone.
I apologize to anyone who has been dropped in error.
Chef Elizabeth, I'm sure this should be interesting. Let's try to form a plan for the future. Gordon


  1. I. I have been visiting weekly for the past month or so because of the great information provided on the weekly theme, photos of the week etc.

    II. I think the 3 week rule is a good choice. Even with vacations, scheduled posts are an option to fill the gap.

    III. I also think the courtesy "late" or "not posting" post is a good idea. I'm all for keeping good manners alive!

    IV. I'm game for the email list.

    P.S. I take part in other memes but this is the one where I feel part of a family - love it!! Keep up the great work.

  2. 1) I visit the blog daily, but we've already determined that I don't have enough work to do and am a bit anal... also watch for questions in the comments section.

    2) 3 weeks with no FSO activity has always sounded fine. And timed posting are always an option along with a month in advance topics list - only takes one sentence and one photo to say you participated. Other reasons are often sad ones - I think an email to ChefE with the private story can put them on a 'hold' list to be added back on when the emergency is over. (if they want of course.)
    3) I like when I spend my time trying to give feedback and find a sorry will post by "future date" and I try to remember to go back and try again - course if I remember to go back and don't find a blog entry I am irratated - and that makes Camillo irrated... so if you say you'll be late try to do it...
    4) I like the web site as a catch all for this kind of information. emails get blocked or made spam and may not go through. It would be nice though if everyone's blog profile referenced an email address, I tried getting someone this week to verify something and had no email - for example Jen - even if it is a gmail account would be nice to be able to question/correspond via email...

  3. I. I follow this blog (along with many of the participants, do I come here whenever there is a new post.
    II. I think not posting for 3 weeks without a note at least saying so would be just cause. If they leave a note on their blog (or here), I think they should stay.
    III. Yes.
    IV. That's fine - I'm here often enough that I get the info anyway.

  4. 1. I visit this site at least once a week. Sometimes daily.

    2. I think three weeks is the perfect time span for eliminating non-posters.

    3. I believe in common courtesy. It doesn't hurt to let the team know if you'll be late posting or not able to post. But again, Maybe I'm anal because I think scheduled postings and photo archives take care of that.

    4. I'm fine with e-mail list for info, however, I enjoy coming to this site to read all the updates, etc.

    I think the team is doing a wonderful job and I appreciate all of you.

  5. I am a regular visitor, but there is no way I could remember to keep up, so I don't feel just in commenting on the rules. I do enjoy the posts as I am learning so much from the different themes and pick up techniques. You folks are a great resource. You must have organization and I think you are doing a great job.

  6. 1. Yes. I'm, uh, here all the time. Helps to be a follower.
    2. The 3 week criteria is good.
    3. Thumbs-up to common courtesy. GingerV makes a good point that people grappling with sad reasons for not posting shouldn't have to post them--but should know who to contact.
    4. You can do an email list if you feel it better reaches everybody, but I'll probably still visit the site just to read what our witty administrators have to say! Will the emails be witty too?

  7. Hi, I've been visiting regularly only since August sometime, when I discovered the Shootout through regular members' blogs. In the summer, I had a lot more time free, and thought regular participation would be a natural fit for me. I love the challenge to look at my world more carefully and then look at what jumps out of the photos at me AFTER I've taken them! I value the way this site has been growing and changing, and the family tone here. I'm really impressed by the sharing of the work and "the stepping up to the plate" I've seen.
    I was told if I kept participating on my own blog, that as members dropped out, I could become an active member myself. Since a week later, "real" life has intervened and I haven't posted anything. I've missed three weeks now. Sure went fast!
    I also noticed that the changing themes of the shoutouts often didn't fit with the flow of stuff close to my heart that I want my blog to reflect. So that suggests having to start a separate blog--and keep visiting and tending to comments, etc. Whoa! No time right now.
    So, I don't feel qualified to comment on items 2-4, just to cheer you on, and say I'll keep visiting.

    Cheers, the Loon at

  8. Yes to all of the above. It is frustrating to visit blogs without the posts cause I really do want to see the shoot outs.

    I check in enough that I don't need an e mail but I am not opposed to it.

  9. I do visit here...usually once a week...
    You decide on the rules...I'll do my best to go with it!

  10. I follow this blog so I visit whenever an update is posted.

    I think 3 weeks of not posting is an appropriate time. We all have a life that sometimes gets in the way but three weeks is a good drop number.

    OK, late is a relative term. I have learned that for me it is best to post on Thursday night as it is soon to be Friday in other parts of the world. Plus if I don't post on Thursday night then it is Friday evening before I can post because of work. Anyway, I wish there was some way to let everyone know when and if they have posted.

    Email is great for me.

    Also, posting the themes further in advance in the sidebar of the blog would be nice.

    I know, long winded, sorry

  11. Oh heck, one more thing....I think you guys do an awesome job of managing and organizing this. Also, I love the photos of the week post.

  12. I visit once or twice a week.

    I always make sure I tell someone if I'm going away ...which I sometimes do and then I might miss a week. I post it on my blog ....

    Emergencies of course arise ...3 weeks with no word sounds fine.

  13. 1. I visit several times a week. I am subscribed to it, so when there are updates, I come take a peek and see what's going on.

    2. I think it's a case by case basis. If they haven't posted week after week without explanation or apology, take 'em off. But if we know that something is going on in their life and they're busy, we need to understand that. That is what a friend would do!

    3. No. I don't always have time to update. Sure it's a courtesy, but life gets in the way.

    4. I like doing it this way. I'm much more likely to respond here than in an email.

    I really enjoy this group, but I guess I didn't realize I was signing up for a commitment. I thought it was a fun, friendly group of people who liked to take themed pictures. But sometimes it seems that this group that stated with very few rules has become much more structured and the accountability is a bit overwhelming sometimes. I'm just trying to have fun and get to know people while improving my photography skills.

  14. I. I visit here all the time, now. :)

    II. 3 weeks is perfect

    III. I am all for common courtesy! I have been late posting before (and now, early) and it is easy to post a quick, "Hey I'm here, and photos will be here too - soon."

    IV. I think an email list would be a lot of work. Maybe a weekly Mr. Linky, where members who post come here, sign up on Mr. Linky and then we'd know "who done it".

    I kind of feel like the Mr. Linky thing takes away from the membership aspect, so perhaps that idea should be discarded.

    Speaking of email, I added mine to my profile. :)

  15. I. I do visit this blog everyday to check the updates and the future task to do.

    II. the 3 weeks of non-participation to be dropped is a good idea. I once disappear here and I noticed that my name was not in the list anymore. That's the time I realized that I need to give time for this cool project because I love it. It's challenging and I can see different views around the world. When you are part of this group, you can really feel that you are in one family. The challenge every week becomes more exciting if you are participating.

    III. I've read some post telling that they can't participate and some were late just like me before. But because the team scheduled future photo theme, it's not actually not hard to post unless you are that busy and need something to do and focus on something first.

    IV. Every thing the team organized or do is approve to me. It is applicable to everybody. Great job guys!

    Honestly, I can't visit all the member's blog sometimes or every week. But I prioritized those who leave comments on my post and I visit first the blog to those who left comment on my Friday shoot out the last week. But when I am not that super busy I visit all the members' blog.

  16. I visit here often. like to read what is going on with the group. I use the member links here for checking on the Shoot Outs on Friday. I don't care for the mass mailing thing. this blog here is enough to keep everyone informed. If you can't post a little note is fine. you can always schedule a post also if you know ahead of time that Friday is not doable.

  17. I follow this blog so end up checking it at least once a week--basically whenever there is a new post. Most everyone commenting appears to be on the same wavelength, so I will say ditto to the general consensus. I will also add that being a part of the shoot-outs has been a real joy!!

  18. 1. I always pop in at least twice a week to see that's up and see the new shots of the week.
    2.I think three weeks is fine is they have just dissappeared with no word at all. Sometimes even my life gets overwhelming - this time of the year I am painting like crazy!
    3.I am guilty here..but you are right..I think it would be nice to let people know. At least post on our own blog that we will be back the next week and why.
    4. I know the Mr. Linky thing was talked about before..but being someone that runs a few large groups..honestly I think an email address is a huge amount of work for you all - you are already working so hard and doing a wonderful job. Mr. Linky would allow those who are active to very simply click and visit each other, and allow you to see who is active each week and who is not. Honestly..I do not have the time each week to go through the whole list and end up finding many of the members have not posted. I try to follow all the links of folks that have posted on the ones who I know are regulars. I would love to have a central place to see them. Just my thoughts on the matter. you all are doing an amazing job - I just love being part of this!!!

  19. I have truly enjoyed hunting for items with the FPS themes, enjoyed sharing my finds from Vermont and made new friends each week.

    I've found that it's time for me to step out and allow some space for others to share though. My mind sometimes become consumed with what I should share, timing to hunt and hurrying to post. I need to focus in other areas now that school has's most important for my children :)

    So, as much as I drag my feet to do this...I must walk away.

    Thank you for allowing me the time to share...and I will be peeking in at friends now and again through time. I do hope that some will continue to visit me.

    Best to you all!! ♥ Heather

  20. This is the blog I use to get to the list (or it would be, if I had had time to get to the list yet, this week) and to remind myself of the weekly topic.

    Three weeks seems reasonable to me.

    The one week that I couldn't post, I left a note at my own blog, but should have come here - except, does everybody read all the comments?

    Speaking of e-mail, I took GingerV's advice and put my g-mail address in my profile. Now, if I get thousands of offers to enlarge my male parts, I'll blame GingerV. ;>) As for a group e-mail, it wouldn't make any difference to me. When you post here, you move to the top of my list, so if I have time to check an e-mail, I have time to check here.

    And hey, guys - I'm still not on the list. Over here! Here I am!

  21. I visit several times per week.

    I agree with the criteria currently being used to drop links.

    I think a post for skipping a week or being late is great, bearing in mind that occasionally some may be unable to do so. Grace is good :)
    I usually forget that I'm probably behind most people, being on PST. I am going to try to schedule my posts from now on so they are up before I am :)

    I like structure & accountability.

    I am thankful for those of you who take care of the details and make this photo scavenger hunt so much fun.

  22. I visit after each new posting because it's in my sidebar.
    I agree with the three week rule (unless someone has given you advance notice of a good reason).
    I agreee its common courtesy to advise you if one isn't posting but would just point out some of us are long term ill / disabled and may, on occasion, be unable to access the computer for days at a time. so please forgive us if we miss for that reasonI'm not overly keen on the email idea. I already get so many emails and would rather keep blogging and emailing separate. But I would go with the majority wish if that is for emails.

  23. Good morning Gordon, Hey how about we try to widen the 'town' format - we can keep the same colors etc. but with a wider format the side bar will be easier to read - I am willing to play with it if your willing to let me!

    verf word - FROGIVA
    is this a DIVA who is really a frog?

  24. I do follow weekly, since I'm not a 'follower' of all the participating blogs the rest of the week. I also follow to see the schedule of themes, and it would be great to have a calender 2-3 weeks in advance at least. If there were a way to show who has posted their shootout and who hasn't, that would be great! especially for people far to the east like me, who often check when it's still the wee hours of the morning for people in the west. Then I forget who I need to go back to. Posting a comment here once I post my Shootout would be a fine way - that works for one of my other weekly themes. As long as it's clear which post we should be attaching the comment to...

    I think three weeks is a good equilibrium for defining membership. Skipping a week now and then, though, will be necessary to keep some members from burning out (there are times the shootout accounts for half my posts, and that's not what my blog is about).

    A big Hurrah! for our leaders! You're doing a great job.

  25. I posted a long comment but I may not have hit the send button. No time to repost, but I agree with everyone.

    List? I go with Scriptor - I get way to much mail, and I think we all know where to come for our info. Of course, you could still have one because people would have to sign up, to get the updates, I think, at least if you use a list serve program.

  26. I. Yes (except I may have missed once recently.
    II. 3 weeks sounds good
    III. Agree on common courtesy.
    IV. Oh damn, what was the question wonder I get themes mixed up...oh yes, email list...Sure, sounds good to me.

    And thanks for putting up with all these photographic comings and goings!

  27. I- yes i do, now that i know it exists. I used to go to Gordon's blog to get the assignments.

    II- people who without reason stop participating. i haven't participated in 2 months because of a family crisis.
    Maybe you can have a weekly post linking all participants. Where after having posted individual participants can post a link to that post.

    III- yes

    IV- nah. i prefer coming to the site, i already do.

  28. I visit here a couple of times a week, to refresh my memory on what theme comes next and to see the "Shots of the Week", which, by the way, I think are great. Thanks, Jen.

    I use the member links here for checking on the Shoot Outs on Friday.

    I don't think we need emails, it just makes more work for the guys who are already doing a wonderful job and I think this blog is enough to keep everyone informed. I don't have any problems with it. if the majority want them, though.

    I agree with the three week rule. I think this is the one rule we do need, otherwise we are expecting Chef Elizabeth to make the call and that is just not fair. It's just courtesy to leave a note if you can't make a post or if you are going to be late in doing so. I always try to get back to see those who let us know they are going to be late. If someone is going to be absent for more than 3 weeks I think a note of explanation to Chef Elizabeth could hold their spot open. The rest of us don't need to know the details.

    Whatever the majority decide is fine by me. I just love being part of this global family!

  29. I think we are, pretty much, in agreement that an email list is not necessary. Just wanted to throw the idea out there for discussion.

  30. 1. Every few days. I'm a follower.

    2. 3 weeks is fine!

    3. I'm all for common courtesy. It's about manners!

    4. Either will work for me. :)

  31. It is interesting (and disappointing) that less than half of our membership responded to this survey.

  32. Gordon - if they don't come to the web sight rutinely they don't know you ask the questions..... this is where the email list would come in handy. but there are still many who don't publish their email address -

    we can do a statistical trick and call this a sampling. and extrapolate to come up with average responses.... LOL.

    I haven't started to play with the format yet. wanted to read more about saving etc.... if I am good and get my accounting done today I can do this this afternoon.

  33. I. I visit this site once a week.

    II. I think three weeks is the fair time for eliminating non-posters.

    III. I believe is common courtesy to post an away note or reason for not posting. It shows some consideration and commitment to the team.

    IV. emails are always great.

    thanks to all team mates that work so hard on this Blog - you are appreciated!

  34. I will leave it up for a full week, to see how it goes.

  35. I've been wondering if I made a mistake asking to be removed from the members link list, and second guessing my decision...wanting to share in this weeks topic (because I'm actually going to a favorite place later today), I peeked in to see if my name was already removed.

    So....please do NOT remove me from the list. I want to continue on with Friday Shootouts. I suppose it has become a part of me :) - I just need to change my ways of thinking and not feel this as another obligation...but a freedom to share.

    It's all good. Thank you ♥

  36. Oh...and about the link list. I do personally have one on my sidebar. If everyone is interested in doing that, it only takes a bit of time to make happen AND...the list can be limited to showing 5/10 etc. as blogger has allowed us the "view more" option. ALSO...I mentioned this once before that if people change their setting on their blog to allow links as new web pages, they will find it much easier to explore without having to keep hitting the back and forth buttons on their browsers.

  37. I came in here at least once a week to check out the links on the side. Perhaps getting Mr Linky would be a good idea, so we know who has posted.

    Whatever you decided what to do, I'll go along , I know it's a hard job managing this site. For that you have my biggest Thanks.

  38. 1. I do visit weekly. I try to visit as many as I have time for every week from your list.

    2. I think 3 weeks is reasonable.

    3. Common courtesy, remember that?

    4. A group email list seems like a responsibility that you should not have to take on. The information is here for anyone to find!


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