What's Wrong with this Photo?

Ok, it's time for the weekly photo tip! First, I need to echo Patty's words, and what better way to echo than to plagiarize?

"Before I continue, let me say that our shootout is a blog is for both amateurs and professionals - and all you in-betweeners. I never personally judge a photo on our town shootouts. (Ok, I (Jen) sort of do. But not for technical stuff - I judge to put people in the spotlight.) I just enjoy seeing other places around the world. I know that goes for everyone. I love blurred photos, faraway photos, up-close and personal photos - I just love looking at photos.

Please know that we are not giving tips to make your photos better for us; we are giving them to make your photos better for you. People invest a lot of money in cameras these days. Time (and money for printing) goes into taking those family photos, and you certainly want your vacation photos to be the best they can be."

Ok, this is the second lesson, but Jen's first. :)

What's wrong with this photo?
Ok, technically there are a few things wrong with it. But, there is one glaring error that is easily corrected. Obviously, it isn't the 50/50 rule, although that is a problem here. That's the only hint I'm giving. Don't bother asking Patty, she and I are thicker than thieves. :)

I'll post the answer Friday...can't wait to read your thoughts!


  1. I'll take a stab at it - Your subject (I'll assume the person) is in the middle, and looking at something out of the shot. Since it isn't the water, I'm left wondering where to focus - That and his head is bisected by the horizon. I'm thinking whatever he is looking at should be in the shot (or he has a far off gaze toward the sea...), and he needs room to go in the shot - so he should be toward the right of the shot. All of that room behind him seems like wasted space.
    Not meaning to be brutal, and the word verification is couth, so I suppose it's a reminder, of what I'm not being?

  2. The main subject is to centered and he should be off to the side. By centering him, it leaves us with a static photo. If he was shot from one of the sides, we'd have a feeling of movement.

  3. The subject is neither a silouette nor a clear image, One or the other would be better.

  4. Rule of threes, missing?

  5. Well, if what you wanted was a picture of a nice-lookin' guy walking on a BEACH, OK. But if you were trying mainly for the nice-lookin' GUY on the beach, maybe try holding the camera "portrait" instead of "landscape?" The floating dock out there in the water is a bit of a distraction.

  6. I think there are several things. One, Louis is in the center, but looks too small. If you were trying to capture him maybe you should have gotten closer.
    Two, there is a lot to see -- just what were you trying to capture -- Louis or the ocean or somthing in the background?
    Three, it looks slanty to me. like the beach, ocean and sky are on a slant.
    Also, the clouds look washed out.

    This is what you get from looking too closely at a photo and trying to scrutinize it!! Normally I would have said, nice photo of a guy walking on the beach!! LOL

  7. I'm going to copy QMM and say the rule of thirds is missing. Also, J9 has a good point about whatever he's looking at should be in the photo. Maybe some of the sand should be cropped so you have more sky.

  8. Okay, I'll be the one to say it, " I didn't know there were rules." I usually count on luck.

  9. I dont have any idea what's wrong in that photo. So I am excited to know and learn the tips about photography @ Jen


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