Nice windows and doors!

One of our shooters lives near here.
Name the town and we'll all cheer.
Check comments to see if the town belongs to you.


  1. Well, except for the mountains it looks like the deep South. So I am going to say it is somewhere in North or South Carolina. And that is about as close as someone who can't pick out their own town in a photo can get.

    That looks like an old photo. Is it?

    You are too sly for me Gordon. I would hate to play cards with you.

  2. The second photo is dated by the vehicles on the street.
    At the time of shooting the first photo was an information center.
    The person who lives here can tell you more....if they recognize their town.
    I'm sure J9 will research and find the towns name with the info I've given.

  3. That first shot looks like Old St. Raymond's in Dublin, CA,

  4. Haha. J9 got it wrong. But that makes her more determined.

    I can't see those cars well in the photos. I am not up to snuff on my cars anyway.

    Come on J9 - where is it? The suspense is killing me.

  5. Being a poorly travelled Brit I cannot tell one US state from another but it has a great similarity to the header so could it be Maryland?

  6. I know it is not Westport, WA. I was going to say Vermont but Heather doesn't give her city so....Juneau,AK?

  7. I haven't seen the correct answer yet, or the correct state. I am looking for the town, not the state. All links have not yet been updated. It is one of the ones who have given me the name of their hometown.

  8. can't be Michigan no high mountains in michigan, cant be Arizona to whet, can't be Rio cause thats in Brasil (?)
    needs to be in the norther half of the USA or the southern most souther hemisphere cause those pine trees require cold whet weather.... buildings have a scandinavian look (?) - no quess just my comment (for all it is worth)

  9. It's Corvallis, OR! I should have known it was in the Northwest. Thanks, Ginger for pointing out the pine trees :)

  10. I can see the mountains in the background. I guess, it's somewhere in New Zealand?

  11. Nah, Redlan, I don't agree. I think Ann from Auckland and I are the only two from NZ and it's definitely not Auckland or where I live, further north. And I don't think it's Aussie either. I think Nth America somewhere as Gordon refers to the correct "state". Do we have anyone from Washington State? Going away to think further now.

  12. Oh Oh @ Pauline, I think I need to know more about other countries. Good thing there's MY TOWN SHOOT OUT. I am looking forward to the correct answer.

  13. During my google image search, I turned up two similar churches, one in Ellis Hollow NY, and the other in Wasco IL.

  14. Hmmm looks like the USA to me ...
    somewhere north where it gets colder...

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  16. Congratulations to Carrie. She has correctly declared the town of the photos. You have my highest praise, Carrie.
    I had hoped that Kerry would Will she recognize her home town?

  17. Corvallis, Oregon is the right place.
    From 1849 through 1853 the settlement was called Marysville.
    In 1853 it was renamed Corvallis (meaning "Center of the Valley).
    Oregon State University (at the edge of town) and Hewlett Packard's printer cartridge manufacturin plant are the main employers.
    The town has, approximately, a population of 53,000.

  18. Hey WOW!! I didn't recognize my own town!!!! Probably because the first pic is actually taken from the backside of a building that we all know from the front side. It has been extensively remodeled into an adorable little civic art center.

    The trees in the second photo are not pines but Douglas Fir, native to this region and they grow really really big. However I don't recognize the street; guess it's because we have lived here for 11 years, and this must have been taken quite a bit before that.

    Gordon, what a good laugh I have just had.

  19. Kerry: Don't feel bad. I did not recognize my own town either, and all I do is take photos of it.

    Funny, how we are used to seeing something a certain way and when someone turns it upside down, it seems foreign to us.

    Just take a a straight back chair and try and draw it. Even if you can't draw you will be able to draw some kind of semblance. Then, turn it upside down and try to draw it. It is harder.

    Gordon's town puzzles remind us that we should look around more often, and try to see things from every possible angle. As a photographer, I have to do that when I am shooting for the paper. I can't just run up to someone and take a photo. I have to circle them like prey, looking for the best background, opportunity; the right hand gestures, the right smile - or frown, depending on what I am shooting them for.

    You fooled even J9, Gordon.

    I like this teaser.

    Congrats to Carrie.

  20. You are so right Patty! I feel a little less dumb right now.


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