Windows and Doors - Photos of the Week

Thanks to all that posted this Friday. Participation was much greater than last week.

Jen posted this shot of her favorite house, ever.

Steve captured a rare view from a
dilapidated house into an overgrown yard.

GingerV gave us a glimpse of an
architecturally challenged hillside..


  1. eeeeee! (high pitched girly squeal of excitement)

    I am so thrilled and honored! I made the Photo of the Week!

    Thank you!!

  2. I am learning a lot from this blog. May try it one day. Thanks for all the organization you put into it.

  3. hey, thanks Gordon. I love the term Architecturally Challenged - EXACTLY>

    And yes I would say that the people of Nova Friburgo have not embraced their heritage - did you know Brasil is like 40% under the age of 20 - maybe this is why - I don't think we really apreciate history, heritage, or preserving the past until over 40 years old.... those under 20 want new, new, new!

  4. Jen,

    when are you going to invite us into your beautiful house? LOL

    I wonder who lives there.


    How did you get inside the house to take th ephono.


    Not much privacy with the houses so close together/

    Congrats to all 3

  5. Lovely pictures, great shoot out, thoroughly enjoyed it this week xx

  6. All wonderful photos!!!! Good job!
    This was a fun theme!

  7. adore dwellings on a hillside, all those nooks and crannies. :-)

    just left Galena, Illinois for NY, and this is exactly what Galena is: one big bluff with wonderful houses arranged among land-benches on the side of a hill. many ladders, stairs, bridges, steps connecting the different levels.

    liked the pictures, but Ginger V's hit home for us.

    thanks for the sharing, Pat



  8. Enjoyed this week very much. Love the variety with these photos of the week.

  9. I'm a tad bit late on my posting...

    enjoying seeing what every one else posted.


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