Change is good, Right?
I have been playing with our "My Town Shoot-out" blog template and decided that changing the total format is beyond my play skills. I widened the main section and the sidebar a bit so that the information being left on the sidebar is a little easier to read. I want to change up the background colors just to lighten our mood a bit. After all the southern hemisphere is moving into summer and bright colors are right for the season.

There are two other things I would like to propose,
1) changing the collage at the top every month or so, spotlighting photos from your home towns, see the example of the world famous Christ the Redeemer in Rio. You can email a photo to ChefE of a famous place or favorite spot in your area and she has volunteered to take care of this for us. And
2) having each of you write (over time) a paragraph or two - something about blogging, or our group, or topics you found to be your favorites and we post it on the site. I don't think we have to add like a special day for this, just if you feel something write it down and send to me at and I will do a post it, trying not to post when other things are happening so you get bumped off the front page before everyone can read it. I think it would be useful if we start labeling so we can search and find things that we want to reread, i.e. a web site referenced.
let me know what you think or just submit a photo and/or paragraph.


  1. I think you have some good ideas here and change is always good because it brings a freshness and fresh ideas. Well done you x

  2. Silly me. Yes, on the banner change. I wanted to do that months ago but some people wanted to leave it as some kind of testament to Reggie Girl and me. Argghhhh. She has been gone a long time and I don't care.

    Please, this is everyone's blog and I think we should get rid of my original banner. That was made for my blog site. When I put this page up I was too lazy to design another, at least at the time.

    I set this up so I could send people here to read about the no-rules rules and learn how to become a member.

    Every member is an important part of our Friday shootout and everyone has a say. So go for it. Tell us what you want.

    This site seems to be evolving, and that is good. We need everyone's input as to the direction it will go in.

    Another thing: Please complain if you don't like something. That is the only way we know if we are doing things right or wrong.

    Also, is anyone getting anything from our photo lessons? We were thinking about removing them, but that is up to the members. So vote away.

    And give your input on what you would like to see on this site. All the admin's email addresses are listed. If you don't want to complain or suggest in public, pick one of us. We really want to make everyone happy.

    Is that possible? Well, we try hard.

  3. I like the new header and think it would be great to change it from time to time, featuring our home towns. I like your second idea as well.
    Please don't stop the photo lessons. I may not comment on every one, simply because I don't know what is wrong with the photo, but I want to keep on learning.
    You guys do an amazing job!

  4. Please keep the photo lessons going - I need them! :)

    If the background changed I wouldn't mind. It looks like a drab tie to me!

  5. Wow, new ideas from day to day. I love it! I love the original but change has always great purpose. I love to see everyone's town on header as well. I even planned to write about this group, why i like it and the idea number two is great!

    I hate it Gordon left the administration. I wish to know about fishing lol. At least, he is still there.

    Patty don't remove the photography tutorial please. I learned something about photography and I know there are lots of things I will learn more. I agree with Pauline. I don't comment what's wrong on the photo it is because I don't have any idea what's wrong on it. I just realized after you both discuss it in details.

    I am thankful for Ginger to have long patience and helping develop this page for everyone's concern. I am excited every week for this site and the group.

    I would suggest, if we can have a post of every week's photo assignment. Like there should be a post this coming Friday for Silhouettes. Then on that specific post we will comment and leave our post link. At least, it is easy for us to track members who participated even to non-members who participated too. It's the substitute for Mr Linky.

  6. Is anyone taking notes? I take them but they end up on my desk with a pile of other notes. After awhile, I have so many notes I throw them away. No. I am not organized. I was born without a left brain. I have a big right brain, though.

  7. Redlan, there usually is a topic blog... like on Oct 5 - there are ten comments including questions. actually I thought that an entry by the person who picked the topic - why they picked it etc... but Carrie does not have a contact email so i couldn't ask her for one... If she gets me some notes by Thursday I will post something...

  8. In the words of Bob Marley... "every things gonna be worries"...the team is doing great!

    I went to the silhouette site given and felt that if we put up those with the topic; then it helps...I learned a lot from that website, so thanks to the member who suggested it!!! - Chef E


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