Classics of Childhood - Spotlight Photos

What a FUN theme! Sharing is so sweet, isn't it? What I loved best about this theme was that I am a younger blogger than some, and I had some of the same classics as the bloggers older than me AND the bloggers younger than me had that stuff too! Truly classic.

I could ramble on forever, so without further ado, here are the spotlight photos - in no particular order:

Pauline - "my sister cut my hair":

Kerry: fun in the mud!

NanU: on the beach:

Ginger V - a self proclaimed "Gringa with a camera!" LOL - too cute! - and playing ball in the street - now who didn't do that! They even do it in other countries! Way cool!

Chef E: fishing with a master fisherman - usually dad or grandpa!

And, Ann - if you haven't read the remarkable story about her photos, you really should. Her father and grandfather left quite a legacy.

What a wonderful shoot out!

Have a great week, all!


  1. I really enjoyed visiting the blogs this week. It was a really fun theme. I just love the photo of Pauline's. Very good, everyone.

  2. Gordon, I think it was outlawed in the adult arena, or should be, but kids just gotta have fun, kids just gotta have...oh wait those are the wrong words!

    Jen- great job here, keep it up!

  3. I LOVED the mud shot :) - Great choices, Jen...once again! Girl - you're right on top of things.

  4. And to think I nearly didn't use that mud shot (so weird, like he's honoring some god of mud or something)! Then again, it's Oregon, and during the rainy season we all look kinda like that.
    Thanks Jen!

  5. Another best choices for this week's challenge. I need to visit everyone's post then. It's too late but I love to.

  6. Great choices! I love that mud shot and the girl's face who got the haircut is priceless!


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