Member Voice - Jarie Lynn

Topic October 30 - Park landscapes -
by JarieLyn -

"When I think of park landscapes, I think about the design of an entire park. This could be a local park or a state park. A park landscape not only includes trees, plants, grass, ponds and bushes but also could include functionality such as playgrounds, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, skateboard parks, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc. Some parks also have decorative items scattered about such as statues, monuments, benches, courtyards, buildings, etc. What makes the parks in your town special and/or fun? Tell us in pictures what it is about your park(s) that captivates you. ... here is a photo of one of the state parks located in my town of Las Vegas, Nevada." Jarie Lynn
I think this is a great 'my town' topic. What is better for defining the personality of a town then its parks. I hope everyone enjoys this week's shoot out. Ginger V