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October 23 - Classics of Childhood - by Ellisa
"What are your childhood memories made of? A game? A park? A special place you used to visit? OR Look around you. Watch for places and things you'd like your children to remember. Or maybe you see children creating memories as we speak. What will be the thing they remember as classic?" Ellisa

My favorite ballarina
by GingerV


  1. this is still a hard one for me. my childhood was spent in a different place than I live now.

  2. doreen, so was mine but as I walk through Friburgo (really different than mine) I can see childrens play yards, little boys learning soccer, a young girl riding a pony - the look on her face not much different than mine I imagine as I made up doll houses in the sand.

  3. Cute photo. I will be looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Mark, you should Bagman do this one.

    I will be light on posts this week as I was lucky enough to pull jury duty and it is a week long trial.

    Thinking of everyone.

  4. Thanks Ellisa for the idea of this week's challenge. and to GingerV for the beautiful photo.

  5. Thanks for your explanation, At first, I thought it was about books.

    Mine's up.


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