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Assignment - October 9 - SILHOUETTES
By: Carrie (

I would like to say 'HELLO' if you do not know me...

Interested in joining Friday Shoot Out? Then you will see my silly polaroid icon. If you click it with the mouse you can come over to my site and say "Hey, I would like to join FSO", or email me at (on my blog profile as well).

I keep a list of request for new members, as as numbers go down here and there I will add new ones. Please email me this information for our list:

Name - City, State
URL site you will be posting for FSO

Each week around Tuesday thru Wednesday I come to your sites and check out your assignment post for that past Friday Shoot Out (I am not coming over to do any judging). Each week I try to say hello to at least 2/3'rds of the group, or all of you if time allows, and switch it depending up on my schedule.

We are asking that you leave a message in place of photos; if you cannot post for that week's assignment, so that I know you are still active. After three weeks of no activity your names will be removed from the members list; unless you come and request to be re-added. We do realize how busy life can be at times, and taking a break from FSO is understood.

I pre-apologize if I remove someone by mistake, and do try to be careful when I monitor the sites. Just communicate to me if you feel a mistake has occurred.

You may also email me any photos you feel would represent 'Your Town' for our new banner; which should be up with in a few weeks (or three).

TOPICS...are on the side bar, and dated for each week...

Some of you are aware I will be heading up to NY to salmon fish along side my hubby and Gordon, and I will have my laptop and internet during that weeks time.

Thanks to all, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such a fun group as you!

Chef E


  1. Way to go, Chef.

    I don't want to see one photo of fish after your fishing trip.

    Just kidding. You know I do. Just warn me first so I can take an aspirin or something.

  2. Great post @ Chef! I am always excited to check new updates and to read post in here. The team is always let everyone feel that she/he belongs.

    Give my best regards to Gordon.

    You have a great job!

  3. Thanks for having me! I hope I don't disappoint y'all too much.

    all the best-

  4. Uh-oh. I can't find the Shoot Out widget...


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