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Some of you read my personal blog, some do not. So, for some of you this is old news, and for others it isn't! :)

I won't be available to do the weekly spotlight photos for the next few weeks.
"Why?" you ask...well, the reason is an exciting one!

My husband and I are moving to Texas!

We are so thrilled...and a tad overwhelmed. We also won't have internet for a short while - I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with that...LOL!

Anyways, wanted to let you know why I will be MIA. I will schedule my parks post - sort of as a last tribute to FSO in Michigan for me. After that, I'm going to be a FSO gang member from Texas!



  1. Wow! Good luck with your move! You'll have a whole new world to photograph. I look forward to that.

  2. Congratulations on your move. Is someone going to do the spotlights in your absence?

  3. texas is a great photo op... where in Texas, the high plains, the eastern woodlands, or cosmopolitan HOUSTEN... if Houston I'll be there in March - we can have lunch! the hardest part is the packing...
    hugs from Brasil

  4. New home, new place!

    I can imagine your excitement. And I can't wait to see the new place


  5. Wonderful about your move. Moving is so exciting. You will be missed. Hurry back. Look forward to seeing your new home.

    Sorry that my posts to you have been so sparse. I have so much going on that I fell behind and I can't seem to catch up. Thanks to all who keep visiting my blog. It has been all I can do to throw on a few photos, mostly left overs from assignments. I will not be able to play catch up, but I will get around to posting on your blogs.

    Please be patient with me. Newspaper people don't have lives- at least those dedicated to their work don't. I had set aside yesterday to at least clean out my closet and get out my winter clothes. I was in the middle of a big mess when the phone rang - a fire forty minutes away. I had to drop everything.

    Now, I am dropping a few posts and I am off to another assignment. The closet has been put on hold.

  6. I know that is exciting. Can't wait to hear about the new home. I love Texas my son lives near Austin and works in Austin. That is called the Hill Country. Beautiful city Austin.

  7. How exciting! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a move for my husband and I in the next few the meantime, though, I'd be happy to help with the Spotlight Photos until you get settled in your new home. Let me know!

  8. How exciting! I hope it goes smoothly and you enjoy your new town/city. Will look forward to your return.

  9. Have lots of medium rare T-bone steak on me.

  10. don't forget your cowgirl boots and lasso!!

    how fun and exciting! I am even excited! lol

  11. Congrats and good luck on your move. I know moving from state to state is a lot of work!

  12. Jen, you are moving to where I am from and grew up!

    ~ Chef E


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