Sunrise/Sunset - Photos of the week

I think, as a group, we LOVE sunsets and sunrises! There were some spectacular photos - am I surprised? No! :)

The spotlight photos, in no particular order:






And, Mark:

Last time I picked Bagman's silhouette as an honorable mention...this time Mark gets the real spotlight photo. :)

Please don't feel like I am overlooking you, I'm not. Honest! Keep taking those great photos!


  1. I'm really looking forward to the weekly best - I've been on the road on a business trip with my husband and haven't had the opportunity to check out many "shooters" this week. I'm going through withdrawal!

  2. I dont have any idea about next week's photo assignment. I dunno if ellisa is still out of here.

  3. There are so many, and I feel all of them are great!

    I was even impressed with my IPhone shots!

  4. great shoot out this week. I just made my rounds, kudos to everyone!

    I have no ideas for this week's theme.

  5. Thank you so much for the honor, Jen. I had kind of a lost weekend because of our dog and did not get a chance to see all the wonderful shots. I've been trying to go back some today but once you fall behind on blogspot, it is not easy to catch up.

  6. awesome choices!! I'll bet it was very hard to choose just a few. everyone had such fantastic shots!!

  7. Really hard to pick this week. There were so many spectacular pictures.

  8. Thanks, Jen! And I'm glad you like my music :)

  9. I can say we had a great sunset/sunrise photos( all the members)and I can feel its presence through post. Moreover, I am happy that my photo is one of the chosen photo of the week. Thanks @ Jen.

    I am looking to have an idea what's this week photo assignment all about.

  10. Mark's shot is wonderful. I haven't visited many others yet but cannot wait to do so. I find it fascinating that some themes show how different all our locations are whilst others, like this one, have shown there are some things we are fortunate enough to share.

  11. These photos are fabulous. I particularly like Sherri's, I think because of the grasses in the foreground, but even as I write that, I'm ooh-ing and aah-ing over the others. Lovely stuff.

  12. All great shots, but Sherri's was probably my overall favorite while looking through everyone's Shoot Out - well done, everyone!

  13. GREAT CHOICES! I really like that you do this, Jen. I find that there's little opportunity for me to visit everybody every week and having you do this, enables us to see some that we may not have made it to.

    I like to visit everyone eventually, maybe a few one week and more another - missing out on some great shots.

    Okay...simply put...THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS JEN :)

  14. These are all beautiful. I don't know how you are able to narrow down so many when all are so good. You have a hard job Jen.


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