they're more like guidelines, really

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to post a few of my thoughts about photography and the weekly tips.

#1. The weekly tips are not directed at anyone. They are just there if you want them. Kind of like advice - free, and you don't have to take it. :)

#2. I have seen stunning images taken on totally non-fancy cameras. The best photo tip anyone can ever give is this: know your camera.
You don't need a DSLR with different lenses to get beautiful photos. You just need to know what your camera can do, and what you can do with it.

#3. I would love it if the tips came from you guys. Send 'em in! You don't have to have 'could be better' and 'how to fix' photos for examples if you don't want to. (email:

I visit every member's blog every week. (It's a lot, I know.) I can say, with 100 percent confidence, this is an EXTREMELY talented group. As an example, for the silhouette shoot out, there were several silhouettes in the center of frame, and it worked. They were beautiful photos, that actively engaged the eye. This totally blows 'rule of thirds' out the window. Remember - your eye knows best.

I'll be around on Sunday, looking for the spotlight photos for Sunrise/Sunset.


  1. You are so right about cameras. All those fancy lenses are a bore and only serve to slow you down. Newspaper photographers have to have them because certain assignments require certain lenses. But for the majority of people those point and shot cameras are just wonderful. They get the job done for everything except tricky light situations - even then you might get some surprising shots.

  2. I love my DSLR but I have been able to get some beautiful shots with my cell phone camera on occasion! And it's nothing fancy! Love the photo tips...wish I could help but I don't know much :)

  3. I am fortunate enough to be able to update my camera every couple of years. What I usually do is play with it and get used to it for a couple of monmths and then get the handbook out and read it from cover to cover. It's amazing the new things you discover and the fact that you have got used to the basics already mean you can learn the clever things more easily.

  4. I found a quote that fits this discussion well:

    "Only gearheads and equipment freaks care more about what camera was used to take a picture than about the content and aesthetics of the image itself. No one cares what typewriter Hemingway used to write with."

    Jerry Lodriguss

  5. First, let me say that I find it extremely generous that people with specialized knowledge are willing to share it--for free! I love the tips and tutorials! Secondly, I am thinking I should really get to know my Sony digital before I invest in a more expensive camera like I was planning. Thanks!

  6. Carrie you it the nail on the head. The only reason I am getting a new camera is it is so old the disc do not come small enough any more.


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