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The promised updated list of topics has been posted on the side panel. At the very top of the side panel are the topics for November and down below under 'Suggested Topics' the list has been numbered to '9' [as high as blogger allows me to number] and A-M. Number 9 will be December 25 and will be our last topic for 2009. Mid-December I will put the list in order again and maybe call for more suggestions so keep thinking.

I tried to juggle the topics so that they don't seem to be repetitious (as NanU suggested) but this is often hard to do, being all 'our town' related. But I tried. I hope that no one has a famous Church or Cathedral as their towns Premier attraction or they will have to hunt up a second (segundo) attraction for topic 4!

Topics 6-9 all seemed to me to have Christmas like flavors but creativity is this groups strong suit and you will all find ways to show your town off during this most important season.

I am always open to comments and suggestion so leave them for me and I will listen and sometimes act. Enjoy the shoot-outs for the next two months..... GingerV

Cathedral at night - Gramado, Brasil by GingerV


  1. I salute for the active group team. That's why I can't leave this group. Thanks for the effort GingerV. You really deserved to be.

    Great idea indeed!

  2. I have overcome my humility to make a suggestion (request) -- purely selfish. My grandfather was an artist and his birthday was Friday, December 4th...which I plan to be the last day of a four part memorial to him. I've been the odd man out before, but my theme on Dec. 4th almost has to be "Artwork." It would be fun to see what others are doing.

  3. Hey All,

    Just wanted to let you know I"m still here! I haven't been able to get out this week-between work, school, Halloween parties/dances and the rain, it's been impossible.

    I'm planning to post for the Nov. 6th one!

  4. Whenever you get a chance, could you change my home state from Illinois to Arizona? Thanks!

  5. Mark - got your email - no internet at home so couldn~t respond. Glad you finally figured out the side-panel. You are not the only one so don~t worry. If you are okay with working with the current list, would be great. I just shuffled the topics and hate to confuse anyone who works a month in front. even if it wouldn~t work - there no rules and you can just put FSO doing my own thing.

  6. Hi
    Chef E left a message on my blog regarding the Shoot out. I still want to be part of the Shoot out but have taken a couple of weeks off due to holidays, computer problems and now memory chip problems in my camara. I am hoping to be back tomorrow but I will have to find photos from my archive because my chip problem still isnt resolved!


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