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Assignment - October 9 - SILHOUETTES - By: Carrie (http://westportwa.blogspot.com/)

Carrie took a moment to tell us about her Silhouettes choice for this week's topic -

"I chose silhouettes because I think they make such striking photos. It's like getting the best of both worlds in one shot: black/white and color. The first time I got a silhouette shot was quite an accident. My kids were playing on the beach and I was capturing it on camera. When I got the photos uploaded to my computer, I realized I had missed the details of their faces but the resulting silhouette was very nice. I hope this topic isn't intimidating, but a chance to learn something new! Find a familiar object, turn off your flash, and shoot into the sun or against a backdrop of dawn or dusk. I look forward to seeing your results." Carrie

Silhouette Photo by Carrie

I look forward to this week's shoot-out and will be going down the list and making comments on Friday and Saturday. GingerV


  1. This is what I mean to have the post for today's assignment. Great job GingerV!

    Here's my post and photos for this week's assignment by Carrie:


  2. Same feeling I had with Carrie when I took a pic against the sun. At first I was disappointed not knowing that it's kind of photo is called silhouette.

    Now I am going to see others silhouette photos.


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