What's wrong with this photo?

***UPDATE - I did not use a flash. I try to avoid flash as much as possible. This was taken in natural light, in my kitchen. I took it specifically for this blog. :)

ISO 200
f 1/6
1/30 second exposure

If you'd like to see more raw data, click here, then go to the "Problem Photos" Album. Find this picture, then on the right, click 'more info'.

What do you think is wrong with this picture? Hint - it isn't rule of thirds, but that would be a good possible fix!

How could you make this photo better, in camera? Actually, post processing (editing) could do the same thing, depending on your camera's abilities.

OK, I'm off to enjoy this papaya - the answer will be posted tomorrow!


  1. Possibly zoomed in, and taken out the bright spot in the bottom left corner, and what ever is in the upper right.

    Or even gotten closer and done a macro close up with out flash, gone to photo shop added more color and added some brilliance to the fruits true color (take yellow out)...

    Okay now share the real hints, LOL

  2. PS remember I am just a chef, and teach culinary, no professional here :)

  3. My guess would be that the colors in the picture are too similar...nothing pops. I would try it without a flash - maybe on a slow shutter speed - to try and catch some of the natural color without it all ending up washed out. Toying with the contrast on the picture after the fact to help the papaya stand out might help, too. Right..?

  4. I agree the colors are too similar. I am not up to the editing yet. Also focus in closer, useless area around the subject. I have been thinking about, why am I photographing this subject? That has helped me with composition. I have also become aware of turning off the flash when natural light is adequate.

  5. I guess I would use the "custom color" feature where you set the "white balance" and adapt lighting to the setting. Does that make sense - I am tired tonight :)

  6. I think it is too busy...you have the wooden board, the cutting board, the counter...they all distract and the thing in the upper right hand corner also draws the eye away from the papaya.

  7. I think there's too much negative space and the colors see muted and not vibrant enough. how to fix that? I have no clue.

  8. I agree that there is too much distracting from the fruit. I'd get down closer to the surface where it rests, make sure the fruit is in focus, and that there is a color in the background, out of focus, that compliments the color of the fruit, or makes the fruit stand out a bit more.

  9. Is it all too yellow, no contrast?

    May be should have placed it in a different color plate or something?


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