Happy Thanksgiving

The 'My Town Blogger' wishes you all on both sides of the ponds a very blessed day today! Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or other holidays, may it all be full of blessing!

Some have and will be busy during the holidays, and a few post are missing here and there, but I am sure it will all get back to normal after January. We understand the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Even Gordon has had computer issues and let me know yesterday.

I am also looking for some shots of Christmas decorations around your town for a special 'Christmas Banner' if you would like to send them to me... elizabeth@cookappeal.com, and thanks!

We just hope you and the families are doing as well as possible. Love and Peace to you all!


  1. Happy thanksgiving to you ChefE and the rest of the group members. I posted a thank you post for FSO and thanks for letting me grab the banner here.

    I'll send you some Christmas photos around my area and I created a Christmas art for us. Where do I send it? To you or to Ginger V?

  2. Wishing all those up there on the top side of the world ...A Happy Thanksgiving.

    I'm going to take a break from Friday Shoot Outs for a while ....

    I'll write a blog today explaining.

    much love to you all my blogging friends,

    Sarah Lulu

  3. Why have I been removed from the listing?

    You do realise that my life has been quite complicated of late what with cancer and all.. I have only missed a couple of shoot outs for reasons beyond my control. Namely being ILL and my camara was broken, have just got it fixed.

    It would have been nice to have had some communication. I am very hurt.


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