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December 4 - a few of my favorite things - by town blogger team is our first pre-Christmas theme. Mark (of Bagman and Butler Fame) has honored us as the guest member voice - GingerV
Mark your on ...

....Aside from the fact that I can't quite remember the words to These are a few of my favorite things and so I'm loudly singing, "Rainbows on lollypops, birds of a feather; gingersnaps, sourkraut don't go together, when I fly kites I hold tight to the strings, these are a few of my favorite things!" fits with the music. Go ahead sing it out loud and see!

Anyhow, Ginger asked me to write something clever to get us fired up for Fridays shoot
and I really am fired up. Because you can do anything with it! Variety! Anything you want! As long as its a favorite, of course. For me it was really fortunate because December 4th was my grandfather's birthday and I had planned to do a thing about his paintings no matter what the theme actually was.

In fact (here's a secret) -- when I decided to do a series on my grandfather I secretly wrote to the Shootout Team (at least Ginger) and tried to kidnap the theme and change it to "ARTWORK." Then I realized that since his art was my favorite, I didn't need to!! It fit anyhow.

So you can do anything! Dig into your archives! Go shoot the sky, your pet, your spouse, your sweety...whoo hoo! This should be fun to see the different things and approaches people take! For me, one of my favorite paintings my grandfather did long ago was of my mother as a young girl at the lake where I grew up. Fortunately he was in an impressionistic period at the time. It hangs on our livingroom wall.
See you all Friday!

Was that okay?



  1. Dec 4th is also my father's birthday, and my parents me a great idea for shots, so thanks!

  2. Well first off..tha painting is wonderful..I adore it..lucky grandson you!! The theme...I love that too!!! Whoo hoo...Sarah

  3. That is an impressive painting. Thanks for the explanation of what is expected of us. Have to think what I like best... Can I do seven different photos of chocolate?

  4. I love that painting too. I have a print which is similar in that it is of a fairy standing near the water with little sparkling sprites all around.

  5. You fired 'em, Mark! Want to take a stroll in that painting with me?

  6. PS Mark: You said you wanted to see some of my husband's visionary paintings. Check it out tomorrow night.

  7. All Righty Then! I am ready to capture some of my favorite things...I'm pumped up! And I love the new lyrics of that dandy ol' Sound of Music song...


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