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This week I picked places of worship because I was thinking that so many churches & synagogues (etc.), have such interesting architecture and symbolism both indoors and out. In addition, there is often much history surrounding the older buildings used for worship as well, adding to the interest. Whether simple or ornate they are often designed to speak to the soul. But by all means get creative and go beyond just buildings and architecture if you'd like!Image attached or link
Thanks, Becky


  1. Great theme. I hope I can find something besides mormon churches around here. They all look alike to me. (no offense to anyone who is mormon) I value all belief systems.

  2. Did I miss something? What happened to Denise's link? She was one of my favorites. Please tell me she hasn't left us!

  3. Yes, Denise emailed me and asked to be removed, she has too many things on her plate, also Ellisa did as well this week.


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