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Greetings, all! I'm here, once again (albeit nearly Tuesday at this point...where, oh where, do my weekends go??) to bring you the Spotlight Photos of the week for the Skylines theme. Since it was my theme, I'd like to start by saying 'well done' to everyone! I loved looking through everyone's blogs to see each individual take on the theme...the variety was great - and just what I was hoping for. Farms, mountains, cities, oceans - you guys rock.

Anyway, as hard as it was, I picked out a few of my favorites for this round. Enjoy!

Kathy in CA brought us a few shots from her hometown of Dublin, including this awesome shot of the Sybase headquarters - the reflection off of the windows is great!

I have a soft spot in my heart for New York City, so I had to pick one of Mark's shots of the World Trade Center in 1971.

Next up is a shot of Paducah's downtown through the windows of their awesome Performing Arts Center from Patience:

How could I pass on picking this beautiful shot from Shabby Girl of Verda Valley in the Tuzigoot National Park?

Finally, my personal favorite from this week comes from Doreen in Grand Rapids. The colors! The lights! Swoon...

Again, great job, everyone! It was hard to pick so few :) I'm looking foward to seeing the next round of pictures - have a great week!



  1. You picked some great ones there, Kate. You're doing a good job of filling Jen's boots while she moves.

  2. Shocked! I tell you I'm SHOCKED! Thrilled and humbled, too, but mostly shocked and a half.

    I'm trying to work my way around to meet everyone, but y'all know how that goes: you meet new friends along the way, and then your daily blog visit list gets even longer! Please have patience with me?
    Thank you.

  3. these are great choices and as I made it almost 1/2 through the list this week had seen most of them and am in AGREEMENT - both is the 'you rock' statement and in that this week was a great topic. How did I miss Shabby Girl - will go by now - all my youngest memories are of 4th of july fireworks at Tuzigoot

  4. Yes, great choices. I love Doreen's shots. So beautiful. And I love the artsy window too.

  5. thanks everyone! I am shocked and so pleased that some of my pics stir up feeling and maybe some daydreaming in others. What an honor!! :-)

    Everyone had such wonderful pics for this shoot out. It was a very fun one to do. Inspiring!

  6. Definitely great picks! I love how many great photos fso generates.


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