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A reminder for members who missed it the first time- Gordon posted this asking how everyone felt about how we approach deleting members who are either have busy schedules, or are not serious about posting weekly assignments. 39 of you responded that these guide lines seemed fair.

If anyone sees there name is missing from the list is free to request to be added back. Mistakes sometimes happen, so please be forgiving. Unless you request yourself be removed I would leave you a note, or email you before removing you.


Chef E

SURVEY - FORUM- Posted: September 19th, 2009, by Gordon

I. Do you visit this blog weekly? If so, leave a comment, here.

I suspect that many have their own links to member blogs and very seldom come here. As you visit member blogs please ask them to come and participate in this survey.

II. What criteria should we use when considering dropping links of members?

We automatically drop members if they don't post for three weeks running without a sensible reason. Chef Elizabeth is doing a terrific job at documenting activity of our membership. Without her, we would be frustrated by visiting blog after blog with no weekly shootout posted.

III. Should we expect members to at least leave a post saying that they will not be participating on a particular week, or that their post will be late?

These things seem to be common courtesy to me.

IV. Would you like for us to organize a group email list to send out info like this in the future?

I think frustrations have been reduced as many who were not seriously interested have been eliminated, but, we don't want to lose anyone. I consider this to be a group of worldwide close friends. Give us your general thoughts, without pointing fingers at anyone.

I apologize to anyone who has been dropped in error.


  1. I do visit this blog whenever a new post is made ..as best I can.

    My Friday blog reflects my feelings about everything ...

    Have a lovely day.

    Sarah Lulu

  2. I think I responded to the first posting, but my mind has been a little overtaxed this month, so - I do check in here to see what the topic of the week is. If this blog weren't here, I'd never be able to keep track.

  3. I hope to get back at some point - a bit crazy as of late but I still look at a lot of the pictures each week :)

  4. I think these next 2 months are going to be tough for a lot of us.

    That being said, I do come here at least once a week and try to visit/post on other members too.

  5. I check this blog regularly.

    I spend my day job writing and then struggling with policies and procedures so I usually avoid them when doing things I love so I don't really want to have a horse in this race about deleting or adding people.

    Email might be good but since I check the site regularly, I wouldn't need it. I kind of think that if people are interested they shouldn't need emails...but I'm also trying to keep my horse out of this race so why did I say that?

    I just think you do a great job and your salary should be doubled.

  6. I check in once or twice a week. Love the whole thing. I do appreciate not going to the blogs where there are no posts. It does take up a bit of time.

  7. I check everyweek but cannot do the survey. I had applied to be added but never got an okay. I don't remember who told me but someone said if could join if so and so did not, then I never heard any more.

  8. My horse is in the race. Chill. It's just a blog. Smile and be happy. Now my horse is out of the race.

    Our original no-rules rules were just to keep a home-town theme and post on Fridays. Since I am really out of the FSO, no time folks, I no longer have a say. But I know how frustrating it can be to try and keep up with things. And the pay ain't all that good.

    I think everyone has done a great job. I think your new leaders can take things forward in a positive manner.

    I look forward to looking in on my old friends from time to time. The original posse will always be my friends and I hope to make some new friends as I have time to visit some of you newbies.

  9. I visited this site a few times a week, to check on the next topic and to use the link on the left to visit the other members site. I think it's basic courtesy to members to inform of not participating in the weekly challenge but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances one may not be able to log in , hopefully one is not penalize for that.


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