Discussion part 2

I was going to copy over all the comments – but whoooo! Way too much to read.  I did a count of yeas and nays from emails and comments, and ended up with 9 yes / 3 nos / 2 well whatever makes you happy makes me happy – I put them on the side of yes to MrLinky.  (even though my personal preference was no change) 

index_linky-2_7_1 A statistical cross section of our gang voted 11 / 3 for MrLinky.

I am inserting email dialog with Sarah for you to read , maybe will start to make this easier to understand – going back in time!

From: Sarah S. - It really is pretty simple and I would not mind taking care of it weekly...  The members would only have to go to the page and add their link.  Would be more than happy to set up another blog…. Here is the Mr.linky to one photo group that does this you can see what it looks like.... http://lisaschaos.com/loving-life/ scroll down and you will see MrLinky in action…this site will have another one tomorrow if you want to see an open one as it grows…..  Sarah

On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Ginger vanStaveren wrote:  Seems very complicated and I am not sure about adding something that needs more weekly care – this would be to eliminate some work …. 

Maybe a new website for the MrLinky with a link to that list on the current site would be the best bet….   Lets think about this before jumping into it. 

One thing though if we have to add a new link every week it would need to be on Wednesday – some international members post early on Thursday which to them is Friday

I think I have a problem with visualizing (I am always visual in my understanding of things) how this helps all those that don’t want to post every week … Definitly we need to do something so the really busy members have an option.  That would be the goal to keep enjoyment high, members coming back week after week, and if possible increase communication.

Keep track of the blog post and comments, and we will decide before the end of this week…. Okay?….

From: Sarah S. Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 3:21 PM
Subject: Hi...

There are two ways to do this....add a weekly MrLinky to the regular blog site...or create a new blog for that purpose. Basically how it works is ...

I or someone else would create & add the code (from MrLinky) to the blog each say Thursday evening...all the members would have to do is add their name and blog link to the post. This will create a list on the post of each member that is participating that week. (if you don’t post you don’t go to the website!)  This list will allow each member to click on the other links and go right to each members FMTSO instead of guessing about who is participating. The only part that is at all complicated is posting the link every week...  I don't think I would have any problem doing that for the group if you would like.  Let me know what you think….Hugs, Sarah


  • I will ask Sarah to create a MyTown – MrLinky web site.
  • There will be a link to that site on our current MyTownBlogger site – under the header. (I don’t know if this is wise – ?)  I will suggest that you make this MyTown – MrLinky web page a favorite for your use on Fridays.
  • We will try and have this operational this week (Wednesday) but if time doesn’t allow …..
  • Maybe we can run for a few weeks and see how it works – work out kinks before we declare it the new way – WE will keep the member list on the side panel – after the new year you can ask ChefE to take you off it if you like.  Basically I would like to keep the list to help ‘the others’ check out our personal blogs. 


  1. I like it! I think the Mr. Linky is very user friendly! Can't wait to try it out!

  2. I didn't respond in that first email because I was on a teeter-totter of thoughts and it would have made no difference.

    Even still, but I thought I'd just say that I'll figure out what works best for me when the time comes :)

  3. I'm planning on naming our next cat "Mr. Linky." When I was very little we had a collie named "Binki." I'll try it once. My problem is that I have an addictive personality and if you can do anything more than once, I'll become addicted to it.

  4. What a great cat Mr. Linky will be, B&B! Love it. Thanks, Town Blogger Team, for your hard work and attempt to make everyone happy! I have had a hard time posting lately so I can't imagine finding the time to administrate the site. You guys rock. Unlike my in-laws who didn't have WiFi (GASP!) and kept me from posting on Turkey Day. I guess I could have been a big girl and scheduled it ahead of time so I can't really blame them, can I?! I'll be back with a few of my favorite things, hopefully sans dog bites & bee stings ;)

  5. Well, crud. Who the heck is "mikeallton"? He is the husband who signed in on his wife's laptop without her knowing until she posted a comment on FMTSO!!


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