To kick off the new year our assignment is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The first thing that comes to mind might be building sites of construction companies, or construction projects that we are involved in.

However, the possibilities are limitless. Maybe you would like to feature the construction of your new year's resolutions.

Another idea, to paraphrase a popular saying, " It takes a village (or town) to raise (or build) a child."

Maybe some of you, literally, have a new life under construction.

A recent thought, posted on my blog "Meandering Moments of My Mind" was, "Our best should, forever, be under construction and improving."

Perhaps, our artists and poets could share artwork or verse, not yet finished.

My Town Shoot-outs is ever evolving, so maybe personal thoughts about our progress could be featured.

I am always fascinated with the steps of "doctoring" a photo by some of our talented photographers. Maybe you could show us how the amazing final products are arrived at. Patty, I demand that you participate in that. Well, maybe, demand is a strong word. Please!!

I'm excited to see your takes and shots on the assignment.
One of the appealing things about our group is the diversity in evidence each week. I am honored to have chosen the first theme for the year. Do us proud as we welcome 2010. Happy New Year!
Thanks to all. Gordon


  1. I guess I have to post my photos of this theme earlier since I will visit my family back in the province. Thanks for great ideas Gordon for this week's photo theme and thanks for hosting the first theme for 2010. Mabuhay! (it means welcome in Filipino)

  2. Gordon, I grew up learning, that we are all under construction...in God's eyes, and I believe it to be true :)

  3. Thanks for mentioning some ideas. That is part of the fun I think to read the different interpretations.
    A good theme.

  4. I had to come see what's up for next week, because I got my new camera - ta-da! I'll be so glad to be able to take part in FPS again.

  5. Hello there! I took a break from blogging last April 2009. I was once a part of Friday Town Shootout until my Hiatus months ago lol. Now I'm back on blogging again and I wanna participate in the Town Shootout again.

    I'm not sure if you remember me Mr. Gordon but I do remember your St. Augustine blog!

    I'm from Manila, Philippines and it would be awesome if I get this chance again. Thank you!

    P.S., This theme needs a lot of thinking! I'm up for the challenge! :)

    Much Love,

  6. Half Crazy - all you do is make your FSO post - copy your URL - go to the mr linky post on the side panel - enter your blog name and the url and wa - LA you are back in the group. look forward to seeing your photos. GingerV

  7. Oh, Gordon. You do inspire me to find time to participate. If time allows I will come along on your construction journey. It sounds like fun.

    To everyone: I enjoyed seeing your Christmas lights fantastic. It was truly a treat for the eyes.

  8. @GINGERV - Thank you so much for the information! Didn't know we have that MrLinky thing now! Again, thank you!

  9. I would like to join the Town Shoot OUT!!!! My name is Ashley and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee


  10. Welcome, Ashley. Post your shoot-out entry on your blog by Friday, and then come back here and click onb the Mr. Linky box and follow the directions to let everyone know you are posting. You will need to enter your URL in the second box, and whatever you like in the first boc. (perhaps, your name. If you would like to get acquainted with everyone just go to the list of members on the sidebar and introduce yourself. Some are more active than others.
    If you click on Mr. Linky, above, you can see who has posted the last few weeks. There is also a list of future topics on the sidebar. Again, welcome! Gordon

  11. Hey guys, after Christmas week away I will be back for the Construction post as my 2nd FSO post :) I've got some cool ideas brewing. I'll be posting mine Thursday morning, as I will be away New Years day.

  12. I still don't see a linky post for this. I'll be out of town Thursday and Friday and would like to post mine before I leave.

  13. Phew. I thought my plan had been derailed, but I did manage to get my post up - It's still Friday here!


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