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When Gordon ask me to post these last night I looked at the choices and thought, it must be hard choosing the ones for this post, because I liked all the photos at each site I visit each week. So many talented people in our group!

Scriptor had this amazing bird, and it seems to be telling us something- Happy Holidays!

Not sure why this came out so small, but it's beauty and purpose is rather large to me- Thanks Shabby Girl!

Simply Heather- Angels were always part of the Christmas tree in our house!

Oh I am sure this got a chuckle or even a belly laugh out of most of us! Thanks Barry & Linda, it reminded me of my fathers sense of humor...

I had chosen this photo for the FSO banner, and smiled when I saw it in Gordon's picks. Sarah, I cannot wait to see all of our Christmas photos for this next weeks theme chosen by Redlan!

I hope I did an okay job with this Photo feature, Thanks Chef E! AKA Gordon's Shadow


  1. Fantastic job of picking and posting. I got busy this weekend and never got a chance to do more than pick a few friday posts to check. So this will lead me to a few more when I get some more time.

  2. These are all wonderful picks. Everyone had such amazing photos and interesting favorites.

  3. Great choices! My favourite just has to be the bird but Barry and Linda........ lol what are you like!

  4. all are awesome shots but I must say .... a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. :-)

  5. These were all favorites of mine as well. Nice work! (Barry and Linda, that took guts and had me ROTFL!!)

  6. We're just relieved people had a sense of humour!

    Or we could have ended up like the deer!

    OH DEAR!

  7. Thanks for choosing my photo of my niece kissing my daughter for the banner.

    My niece has just been admitted to the Australian bar, and I told her that this is my present to her,


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