Fences Spotlight Photos - and a request from me :)

Hey y'all! It's good to be back - and the Mr. Linky makes this job MUCH easier. One request, when submitting your link to Mr. Linky, please submit the permalink, not just your blog address. I made sure to find everyone's fence post if you posted just your blog link, but it would be so wonderful if when I click on your link it takes me right to your FSO post.

Not sure how to do a permalink? Simple - post your FSO post when you are done putting it together, then after you have clicked 'publish post' click on 'view post'. In the address bar (where you type www.whereeveryouaregoingtogo.com) you'll see an address that has your blog name then the name of your post. Please put that into Mr.Linky.

Much appreciation from me! :)

Without further ado - here are this theme's spotlight photos, in no particular order (not easy to pick, it never is!):

Gordon's fence in the storm:
From Friday My Town Shoot Out

Rebecca's wrought iron fence detail:

Ginger's fence rail:

Cindy's crooked post fence:

Kerry's fence hinge:

Queenmothermawmaw's beautiful sepia toned fence:

T.'s fence in the grass:

Beautiful photos all - and I am so glad to be back, it is so inspiring to see such excellent photography. It makes me want to brave the Texas cold and get out there and go take photos! Oh yes, it has been FREEZING in Texas. I am sure that I will be moaning about the heat soon! LOL!

Have a beautiful week everyone! See you next Friday!


  1. oh wow I'm surprised to see my bandit-hinge in there with these cool photos. You selected a really nice variety. Thanks!

  2. Great choices! We have such a talented group of people!

  3. Yes, some of these were inspirational to me as a poet!

    I have noticed also that people are doing Mr MckLinky but with no post, only saying on our site they will post later...frustrating to go looking when no post is available...

  4. I loved this subject!! So many amazing pictures everyone!! I did not realize how many fence pictures I had!! Great choices here!!

  5. I will make a note on this weeks Mr. Mclinky to add a comment rather than a link if they are posting later!! :)

  6. Gorgeous, lovely, inspiring ... wow! Could you remind us about the Mr. Linky thing and how to use it?
    (sorry, I'm blaming sleep deprivation. Or old age. Or the dogs are using up all the oxygen in the house.)


  7. click the icon on the upper left hand panel. will take you to the mr linky site - on the right bottom of the weeks topic post you find a 'click here to enter your blog' on the screen that comes up put your blog's name and the url for this weeks topic post.

  8. Great shots. I like the first one the best. I'm honored to be in the group!


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