FSO - Spotlight Shots: Birds

Hello all! Happy Monday to you! Here are my picks for this week's spotlight shots. Everyone did a spectacular job - and on an elusive, fast moving subject too!
Thank you Scriptor Senex - this was a fabulous theme!

In no particular order - here are the spotlight shots:

Rebecca's little "Sean" - if you haven't visited her post, you should - she has the most heartwarming story!

Harold, with "What's good here?"

Robyn's turkey cookies - which look delicious!

Ann's bird photo - I love how she caught his profile.

Heather's bird on the fence...the black and white really makes this shot stand out.

Is that Big Bird? No, it's Butler, no it's Bagman - wait that's Mark!


  1. Love them all. Each one with it's own story.

  2. These are great!! I love the last one, it made me smile!!

  3. Thanks for picking one of my shots. It was one of those unexpected moments and I just happened to have my camera on me :)

  4. thank goodness your spotlighted B&B's Mark as big bird.... I thought this excellent.

  5. Well, I'm not sure I would have picked the last one...but the others were beautiful.

    Now next week's theme is going to be a real challenge.


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