January 29 topic - Look up, Look down

Jan 29 - look up / look down
Everyone is so good, so creative in their interpretations of our weekly topics that I almost was lazy and didn't write anything about it. This topic was originally suggested by Sara Lulu but because she no longer participates, I couldn't ask her to write something for us and I liked the suggestion so much I just took it as ours.
So here goes my ideas on this topic for our towns ....
Look down at your feet, at the surface where they walk. Look back, back the way they came and where they go.
Look up, above your head. What can you see? How is it protected? What lights your days and your nights, on the path that you walk?
This topic brings so much to mind I will probably have trouble settling on one thing - just this week I have noticed designs in the tiles in the front of stores, floors that are wood and some that are bare concrete - designs are so distinctively Brasil - we'll see you on Friday.


  1. I have done some on this theme this week and how right you are. There are surprises out there.

  2. I have a crick in my neck from looking down, looking up, looking down, looking up...my wife calls me bobble-head.

  3. And I just realized that next week's theme is "circles"...I'll be the dizzy bobblehead.

  4. why are you looking for next week Mr B&B I dont see you posted for this week yet.... now I have to go see if you've written anything - I hate circles already, I have been going in circle for 3 weeks trying to get my computer to work.

  5. Here's mine, back home to New Zealand and have 10 days of holidays before school starts. Lots of Australian photos to post.

  6. I decided to look up throuh some trees, and down at my feet - not exciting, perhaps, but you can see the drain cover I slipped on to break my wrist and say nasty things to it with my blessing!


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