Look Up / Look Down Spotlighted Photos

The last couple of months I have found myself in awe of how this group’s photos have changed. Even if coming from the archives, the photos show a real effort on all our parts to show the details of our towns and in an interesting, even artistic way.

This week was no exception. On first run through all the posts, I pulled 20 photos and often had to chose one from several within the post that really (REALLY) showed the perspectives gained looking up or down in our towns and their surrounding area. From that 20, I chose only 6 to Spotlight and it was HARD. Those chosen for this week’s spotlight are the photos I felt best highlighted what you see when you look up or look down, to look beyond what is just in front of our faces to find an interesting photo. GingerV

Look Down by Jama
Look Down – by Jama
looking up by Harold

Look Up –
by Harold
the visitor up above by rebecca
A visitor above – by Rebecca
vertigo by Mark
Look Down –
by Mark (B&B)
up to see and eagles nest by Ed & Reub
Up to see and eagles nest
by Ed & Reub
Scriptor Senex
Down, a life from a life by Scriptor Senex


  1. Great choices Jen, a really nice variety

  2. Good job, everyone. Bagman, that photo makes me dizzy.

  3. Thanks for spotlighting me. I enjoyed looking at everyones photos this week.

  4. These are so cool!!! I love the variety in everyone's photos!

  5. Thank you for choosing one of my photo.I enjoyed looking at all the photos submitted by the members here.

  6. I loved that picture by Jama. Bagman gave it the caption: "Meditation on bowling."

  7. Wonderful selection! I got mixed up (imagine!) and did next week's topic this week, so next week I'll to this one. confused? Welcome to my world!!!

  8. Thanks Ginger! Ed&Reub were surprised to see the eagle's nest here. This was a great topic and made for a fun shoot-out!


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