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Jan. 15 - "Birds (Real & Otherwise)"
by Scritor Senex

Whilst visiting some of the town bloggers, I had noticed that photographing birds in the garden was a popular pastime so my first thought was to suggest a subject of garden birds. But then I realised that not everyone has the equipment to photograph the real things.
That made me look out for alternatives and I noticed sculptures, posters, little models and various other things with birds on them so I hope that your town will prove equally
productive and am really looking forward to seeing your birds (real or otherwise).
All the best,
Scriptor Senex
[Photo by GingerV - Bruges, Belgium]


  1. I am not sure I can do this one, it is so cold even the birds are on hiatus! Brrr!

  2. birds of a feather stick together - do hats with feathers.
    flag pole - don't flag poles have and eagle at the end?
    national guard armorys have eagles.

    you do this one and I will find an aquarium someplace in Rio.

  3. Oh, dear. If only this were next week's topic - I'll be in Hawai'i! Never mind. I'll have a look through my archives.

  4. I am excited for this one - there is a slow river behind us and today, on my run, I passed a crane about 4 yards from me - all I could think was "I wish I had my camera with my zoom lens!"

    Great topic!

  5. Hey I recognize that bit of Bruges.
    I've got plenty of birds on file, though they're pretty scarce in person this week. An archive shoot, and the difficulty is choosing only a handful!

  6. I may try to post this one on Twitter.

  7. Good topic. I've got a few to post in mind :)

  8. I have lots of photos of ducks, geese, swans and peacocks. I hope I can get some good photos of regular birds.

    Mark, you are too funny.

  9. Ohhhh cool!!! How fun is this one!! LOL Mark...

  10. This is quite a difficult topic and I am not able to photograph birds so well. Mind you, I have an idea or two up my sleeve so see ya Friday!

  11. This post is not about nice birds we usually asscoiate with. But man has spoilt it all.

  12. Pretty unsuccessful, but it's my first attempt, so I'll let myself off!!

    Call in for a chat with me! Christine's Chatter is at :-


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