A New Banner Is In Order

Well, really on order!

Send me LOVE PHOTOS, things that make you feel all giddy inside, things that you love more than love itself!

A kiss you captured
Artwork in murals
Anything that dipicts 'Love' around your town!

I LOVE making these banners...

Chef E
email:  elizabeth@cookappeal.com 


  1. Hello Chef E. hello Town Blogger team and fellow members. Sorry I was not able to participate in previous shoot out because i was kinda busy at work and sad to say my cam is not working anymore. But I will try to participate in the future. I will find photo for the banner. I am still here. Keep up the great job guys!

  2. Some time soon I will head out to take a picture of bulk bins (my favorite), and I bet there is Valentine's candy out there.

  3. Sorry that I've been MIA for the past few weeks - I've finally got a new lense on my camera, so I can start rocking and rolling soon! I've already gotten a start on next week :) I'll see if I can't find anything to send in for the banner.


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