New Banners & Thank Yous

Hello Everyone!

I hope the new banner for February is appealing to all. I took what was sent to me and feel that less is more, but hope I get more response for future banners.

Being busy myself I understand we forget, and have so much other things going on during the week!

I do however have another idea for the next banner, thanks to Scriptor Senex- UK posting photos of his Uncle Eric's black and whites, I was inspired with a new banner idea. Possibly an idea for a whole months themes.

Please, if anyone has old black and white photographs (I can always make old photos black and white in my Adobe Photoshop program) the feel would be fitting for a banner. Black and whites that represent their town, or lives in the past- send them on!

I think many would agree that 'Black & White' photos may be lacking color, but they show us a perspective of things we might not otherwise notice if distracted by color.

Thank you for all your support and help!

Chef E


  1. Hey All,

    Just wanted to FYI you all that the next few FSO will be hit or miss for me. Classes, working and my girls "stuff" is wratching up and I'm just left without a lot of free time. So, don't delete me!

  2. Hi Chef E! I like the Febuary banner! Feel free to use that picture any time! Thank you for asking!

  3. Love the banner!!! Love the idea for the next banner.

    Will a modern picture of a restored building in my town work? You would have to make it black and white.

  4. I totally forgot to send my love photo. But it's cool to see the new banner. I like it and in addition there's a saying so inspired! Keep it up ChefE

  5. I like the b/w idea, like it for a post topic too. maybe will throw it in as a townblogger topic around the first of March.
    Good Job with the new banner - camillo and I look like real love birds.... hahahhaaaa!

  6. I love Black and white! You should do a black and white subject, "Your town in black and white." Most people have programs that can remove the color.


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