Spotlight photos 'Under Construction'

We have Gordon to thank for this week's, the first week of 2010 topic 'under construction'. This topic had so many possible interpretations: self construction, mega constructions, public projects, private projects, individual projects, and I think within the Friday Shoot-out posts we managed to cover these and many more.
J9's close up of a machine to man's construction easier.
Doreen's new home under construction - I hope it is super insulated; I saw all that snow.
Sarah in the cottage garden, self and daughter under construction. (aren't they beautiful?)

Shabby Girl watching the building go up.
Jama in Singapore sees this MEGA construction of a casino and hotel complex... Mega bucks also.

Gordon's new Lion Bridge - a mess now but a better way to go to town later.

Mark of B&B - Working hands - creating, constructing

Congradulation to all who participated this week - was a great shoot-out. GingerV


  1. I didn't manage to post or visit this week so your summary has been especially welcome - thank you. Mark of B&B and Sarah have done a wonderful job of interpretation while Shabby Girl's is exactly what I had in mind.

  2. Bagman's hands of construction photo was my favorite shot of the week.

  3. I, too, love the working hands! Construction of our creativity, right? Who knows what that will become...

  4. Aww thanks are sweet. Wonderful choices!!


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