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Back in August I did a post about the start-up, the beginning history of the Friday Shoot-out and now we are anticpating our one year aniversary. I had gotten behind in maintaining the ''future topics", the "suggestions list" and the "topics history" on the left hand side-panel, today I tried to catch them up so you can review our year with ease. The 'History' list is in date order, dated and gives credit for suggestions to our members both past and present. I am sorry I didn't start this as a hyper link - but it would have been nice to look back through the history also. The photo I included here was one of my 'people' photos when I first participated on March 13, 2009. 46 Friday Shoot-out post ago. I have two reasons for this post,
1) to ask everyone to look at the future topics, and to start thinking what you would like to do on February 26, our Celebrate One Year - shootout. I thought that it would be interesting to see all our favorites, reusing the photos of that topic or using new ones.
and 2) call to your attention that the suggestions list is getting pretty short and you'all need to start submitting new suggestions for us in the comming year. Please review the 'history' before making your suggestions so that we don't repeat topics we've done (or already suggested) lets say in the past 6 months.
I look forward to hearing from all of you with new or refreshed topics.


  1. It's too late to suggest this for this year, but how about "My Funny Valentine" when we each post one picture that brings a chuckle?

  2. Nan WOULD suggest that after throwing me with sounds. So if we are going with senses, how about thing I like to touch. I will have to lock Bagman up for that one.

  3. How about just Feet and Shoes, Just Hands, Macro shots, chairs, hats.

  4. How about water, lakes, streams, etc..

  5. Some suggestions from Linda and I--

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly things about your town


    Public Art


    Place of Entertainment--what do you do for fun?

  6. WOW - a lot of new ideas. i will post about them soon. and at the bottom of suggestions will make an overall list and SOON will put them into some type of order.
    thank you all.

  7. One year already? How time flies. You all have done a fantastic job continuing on. Thank you. I did not want to see the vision die.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  8. Things we would like or not like to try...

  9. PS: Reggie Girl if you are there, Happy Anniversary. And a big thank you to all the people who jumped in early and are still with us, or should I say, "with you?" I am with you my heart.

    GingerV, you were one of the early birds.

  10. I'm with Barry on a peek at the bad and the ugly! We're such a relentlessly upbeat crowd I didn't dare suggest: The Dark Side. But now I will!

  11. I have spent the last two years trying to post only the good things I can find about Brasil - NanU it will take a lot of effort for me to do the dark side!

  12. Writing a message to Sara in the UK I was reminded of an idea for our themes- Rocks, they are every where and can be interesting specimens for a theme! I want ROCKS, because I have some to show off!

  13. GingerV- Had a lovely new idea, we do a whole months post of Black & White perspectives, or even 'lasso' which is highlight something in the photo of color, and make the rest black and white.

    Great for banner ideas!


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