Aquariums Spotlight Shots and a See you Later (gator!)

As many of you read on my blog when you visited, I will be taking a little break from photo blogging. It's begun to feel like a chore, and that has stifled my desire to do it, which has frozen my creativity...what little of it I have anyways. :)

I still plan on posting, but not daily...and not regularly. I will be back, but for now, this will be my last spotlight shots post.

Please enjoy this week's spotlight shots, in no particular order:

J9's ray:

Kerry's really cool fish:

Mark's dream fish:

Scriptor Senex's shark:

Barry and Linda's Jellyfish:

I'm not disappearing from the blog world, just taking a step back and some time for me. It's been awesome participating with this group, and I'm going to miss it. That's why I'll be back - you all are wonderful! Every single Shoot Out has been amazing, I hope you all know how talented you are!

See you soon...


  1. Everyone needs a break occasionally and I am glad you feel you can choose to do that. That is taking care of yourself the right way. Thanks for all your work in making this project possible and for you kindness and tips. Blessings

  2. Jen - thank-you for taking the time to comb through all of the posts week after week to comment, and choose the best of the best. Go recharge your creative batteries, and know that we are here for when you do come back!

  3. Enjoy some good Tex-Mex for me! Look forward to your return!

  4. Enjoy some good Tex-Mex for me! Look forward to your return!

  5. Thank you for the time and effort it has taken to be our photo editor; you have done a great job. (In the future maybe this job should be shared because it seems like a lot to ask of one person!)

    Well, take care of yourself, and do come back when you're ready.

  6. We definitely look forward to your return! Breaks are a good thing when you feel that way.

  7. hey, i hear ya. :-0

    sometimes all it takes is to step away for a while. we do it all the time and a lot more often than most.

    but after the rest we return and its like brand new all over.

    so, take your time and enjoy the other things life has to offer, you ARE right this shouldn't be NOT fun.

    see you on the back-swing.



  8. I'll miss you Jen.

    Speaking of talented! You are absolutely inspiring!

  9. Yes, we all need a break occasionally. Just don't go away too long!
    We'll be waiting!

  10. Thank you, everyone. Your comments mean so much to me. :) My heart is full, all I can say is Thank You.

    Hugs to you all!


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