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This week we are celebrating a full year - 52 weeks of topics. Join us all in celebrating by going back to your favorite topic or one of your most favorite topics because if you are like me - I've enjoyed many. I have a few where I took so many photos I wasn't able to post all of them so I can go back to post my left-overs. I would love to see some of the old-timers replay with us. Just go to MrLinky link and enter your URL to let us know you've come back. By the way this week will be my personal 50th post - haven't missed one all year.
The attached photo is my first one on March 13, 2009 - Topic - People - boy is this just like a Brasilian -


  1. Oh I won't be writing a poem about this shot, thats for sure, lol!

    Nor will I ever go Brasilian!

  2. chef E, Brasilian do have a different standard of what is tastful beach wear.... you can come and you can wear a bikini and NO ONE (except other gringos) would think anything of it.

  3. Has it only been one year? It seems like longer than that! But your picture does rejuvenate the passion in I'll try and post something.

  4. OK, this one got my attention! LOL

  5. Despite your tempting invitation to post I'll be off-line for a couple of weeks. Going into hospital for a triple by-pass so I'll be on different sorts of lines for a while - drips and tubes and things. Please don't cross me off the members list - I'll be back as soon as I can.

  6. Oh silly I meant that my behind is way too big for that bottom, LOL

    I go Brasilian in my living room LOL
    then my gringo hubby can gawk!

  7. Best wishes Scriptor! I did play last week but forgot to do the Mr. Linky thingy.

    Happy Anniversary to all in Shoot Out Land!


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