Future Topics and other notes of business

Please stop by and see the Future topics at a glance at the top of the left side panel. I put up the list through the 16 of April because I will be traveling from March 7 through mid April and may get stuck someplace with no Internet - but your list is taken care of. I have the schedule done through May but will only put it up towards April 1st, just in case changes need to be made.
If your topic is coming up and you want to post a member voice, just send me an email with photo attached in the week before and I will get it up on the blog for you. I will no longer send out private email to ask for your 'voice' - if you want to say something just send it to me. Okay?
Also with Jen taking a break I will be looking for the Spotlight photos for a while. For some of you that are newer to the group the 'spotlight' photo feature was started by Gordon to show some of the different ways the towns were shown or the topic interpreted, and he tried to pick different entries each week, allowing all particpants to, at one time or the other, be in 'the spotlight'. There was never an intention to make it seem that these photos are 'the best', to add an element of compitition to our posts, just letting everyone be seen and appreciated as part of the group. I hope to continue with this as the object of our spotlight photos.
We could still use another member of the BloggerTeam if your interested.... If you ever find yourself saying..."it would be better if ...." either to yourself, on your blog or in a comments, then you are the person we are looking for.
Have a great month and enjoy these new topics.


  1. I would suggest TRANSITION in the future topic. It's the process of change from one form, state, style or place to another.

  2. Redlan - I like this one. I've added it to the list....

  3. I do like the idea of TRANSITION Redlan, it something I am concious of all the time with an ASD child - good topic - that will be an exciting one!

  4. i have a topic suggestion - how about "Menus" and food. I would really love to see whats on the menu in other countries and what the food looks like. It would also give me a good excuse to go out to eat a few times!

  5. Sara I added Menus - this is really good and fun for everyone.
    I have traveled a bit and know that most items repeat themselves on every menu in an area.... It on the list now.


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