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February 12 - Aquariums by Elizabeth
An Aquarium or fish tank can come in many different shapes and sizes. Common types are glass and acrylic. We have them in our homes, we have them in our communities. Granted this time of year where I live is not as popular to go on a road trip to visit the one we have in Camden, NJ, but I have been wanting to go.
If you think about it we are all living on one big giant fish bowl, and viewing each others lives through our blogs. We also have probably been swimming and taken a few underwater photos! My new phone has an app that allows me to take fish bowl photos (example: FX Cam App- photo of my son's friend on his computer above) A puddle, or even just a lonely beta or goldfish will suffice. Get creative, and I am sure whatever you all post will be nice! - Chef E


  1. There is something fishy going on here.

  2. I think I will have to give this weeks shoot out a miss as we do not have any aquariums near me and I am all out of ideas!

  3. Ahaaaaa very clever idea of yours to give us a topic we have no examples of so we have to think about it and go off in bizarre and creative tangents.
    ...who will give us the strangest 'aquarium'????
    Perhaps we should do Zebras some day.

  4. Couldn't think of anything and there is no aquarium nearby, so I'll sit this one out. Look forward to everyone else's though!


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